SiriusXM problems....AGAIN

  • 29 October 2021
  • 30 replies

Diagnostic code 906861728

Getting really sick of this issue.  SiriusXM channels play for 15 seconds and then error out.  Today’s message is Unable to play - it is encoded using an unsupported digital rights management system.


15 Sonos speakers in my house..thousands of dollars...and I can’t play music.


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30 replies

I have the same issue for over 1 year now, Sirius won’t play good, skips, jumps stops….. I have sent in diagnostics and complained.  My system is all wired direct, all other services play great, only Sirius is a problem…..  Problem is that I like Sirius the best.  I’m ready to start recording what it sounds like and posting it on social media.


Coming here again to say that I am still having issues with Sonos and Sirius, and it is beyond frustrating.

I’ve had Sonos products in two households for almost 10-yrs, but am new to the Community.

I am plagued by the same problem discussed in this thread.  That is:  Sonos keeps dropping SXM, with error messages like ‘song not encoded correctly’, ‘incorrect encryption’ etc.  I see this problem has bothered others for a long time.

Sonos:  Any idea when this problem will be fixed?  It’s extremely aggravating.  Thank You.

I have the sirius xm issue;  it seems to only happen on my newest sonos product, sonos one.  I guess my motivation to upgrade the old stuff is waning.


tech support didn’t have any knowledge of the issue; sent a bunch of diagnostics, but the tech support person couldn’t find anything.



Sonos has gone from bulletproof to it sucks.  I’ve done everything to get this resolved and the biggest error is the digital rights error to lost connection.