SiriusXM Issues with Sonos App

  • 21 January 2022
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Over the past several months, SiriusXM has had more and more issue.  The issues include:

  • New favorite channels not showing in the Sonos App -  nothing new added over the last few months shows
  • No favorites showing in the app -  as of today, I get an unable to get content message
  • Live channels missing from the list (Classic Rock Party is in the SiriusXM App, but not Sonos App)

This has progressively gotten worst.  I have confirmed in the SirusXM app all the channels are working and my favorites are saved.

I have logged out of the Sonos App, clear the data, rebooted everything and logged out of SirusXM.  None of this has changed anything.


The Sonos status page shows SiriusXM does not have issues.  What is causing this?

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15 replies

Perhaps see the Sonos Status Page re. SiriusXM:

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Thank you Ken.  Nice to see the Favorites is showing as an issue.  It was not when I posted.


The issue on the Status page is specific to Favorites.  Hopefully the other issues I have outlined from the past several months can be addressed.

I have same and related issue with SiriusXM in the phone and desktop app.

None of the Streaming channels (numbers above 450) are available. So, for example, no sports play-by-play. 

fwiw, everything works fine in the SiriusXM app.


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Sonos knows…..

It unfortunate, but that Sonos page isn’t instant, it does take time to identify and post the issue.

Of course, using the SiriusXM app gives you a completely different access point in the SiriusXM servers that what they’ve assigned to Sonos, so it’s somewhat unsurprising that there’s an issue on one server, but not on another. 

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Sonos knows…..

Yeah, I just hope they understand it's more than favorites. Channels are missing not related to favorites. 

We have a Sirius XM business account, and for the past day we’ve been missing many of the channels (e.g., no channels below 12 and lots of channels above that missing, too). Everything is working fine in the Sirius web player and Sirius app, so it seems to be an issue with the Sonos connection.

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I did not mean to mark this answered. Meant to hit like.


That said, status page is showing no issues, but I am still seeing all the problems.  Anyone else?

Yes, there are many threads about this being unresolved as yet by SiriusXM. 

I have the same issue.  For example, the SiruisXM streaming station, Channel 715 - Classic Rock Party, is now inoperable on my 8 speaker Sonos system.  Doesn’t play, doesn’t show up in Favorites, just disappeared from existence, Marty. 

Help please Sonos.  Get with Sirius, please.

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Having the same issue - the only station I listen to with any consistency on Sirius, the Loft 710, is now entirely missing from my Sonos desktop app.  Prior to this it would disconnect after several hours of play for no logical reason. If anyone’s seeing this at Sonos - please get this fixed!  

Hey jimco

i hear you brother.   Sonos please fix this.  Please 


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FWIW, I have a Bose wifi speaker and their app is not having the same issue.  All channels are available.  Hopefully this means it is a Sonos issue that they can resolve quickly.

I would love if Sonos can better sync available XM stations in their app but I have seen this issue for a while so I am not holding out much hope.  CarPlay seems to be set up to use the XM app to drive what channels are available but Sonos seems to have taken older approach to code the channels within their app I believe which IMHO is unsustainable with the large number of streaming options and updates to them.

I’m getting a range of errors.  Unable to connect, Unable to play selected item, The connection to Sirius was lost, and every now and then the “encoded wrong” message.  And with all of those errors, at other times it plays just fine.  Very frustrating, and a crummy way to listen to Breakfast with the Beatles.  Anyone know of a good reset button that fixes all of this?