Single Sonos Connect Keeps dropping Off

  • 22 December 2016
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Ok so I have two locations each with multiple systems and have been using Sonos since the beginning (figured I better add that as a Caveat to the obvious answers) - On one system I have 6 Units ranging from the first connect through to the plays paired... I am on my own wifi ... but I have one systems I call Snug that keeps dropping off... I have tried powering down and even doing a factory reset and reinstall and it still drops off.... Any ideas apart from 'throw in the trash and repurchase ?

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3 replies

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Have you tried going into router and assigning it a new static IP address. Then shiutting it down. Rebooting router and turning it back on.
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Nope as I assumed if it were a router issue then it would exhibit on all the devices not just the one unit repeatedly ?
Connection problems which appear suddenly are often caused by network problems, not Sonos problems. The typical cause is duplicate IP addresses. These often show up after an update or power outage because a reboot requires the device to request a new IP, and the router, having lost track of current IP assignments, issues a new IP that is in use by another device. Rebooting just one or a few devices may actually exacerbate the problem because a router that has lost track of assigned IP addresses will keep handing out IP's which are already in use. You will never know if it is a network problem or a Sonos problem unless you perform a full network refresh.

Reboot/power cycle your devices in the following order:

Switches or hubs
Wired Sonos units
Wireless Sonos units
Wireless devices - phones/tablets etc.

Allow each device to come back up before proceeding to the next. Note that you can permanently prevent duplicate IP addresses by assigning an IP to each device's MAC address in the router setup. See your router manual for details.