Since I installed S2, my NAS is spinning 24/7

  • 14 January 2022
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Ever since I installed and upgraded my system to S2, my NAS has been spinning non-stop, taking all ressources with it.


When I’m able to see what’s connected, I see dozens of SMB connections with the user I setup for my Sonos system.

I am unable to pinpoint what is going on, and the S2 app doesn’t tell me either.

Only after rebooting the NAS (which takes a long time, since it’s really busy), then removing my Shared drive config in Sonos does the heavy spinning stops.


When I configure the shared drive again, it takes a while, then the spinning restarts.


My NAS is a Synology DS218i


1 reply

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My Sonos NAS doesn’t show any connections unless I’m indexing or playing from it.

I’d check your indexing status, under settings, to see if that might be the case.

Submitting a diagnostic and passing Sonos the number might help as they can see your hidden internal data.