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  • 31 December 2018
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My Sonos system consists of
1x play 1, 1x play 3, 1x play 5 (1st gen), 1x play 5 (2nd gen)
I live in a reasonably big Victorian house with thick walls. I have always struggled with Wi-Fi in the extreme reaches of the building and have used Wi-Fi extenders to get the signal throughout the house. This led to poor Sonos performance in the main bedroom (play 1). So I bought a Sonos boost thinking that this would help with the poor signal in that room. The problem is that by solving the poor signal in the bedroom, my play 5 (1st gen) is behaving really strangely. It’s the closest to the router and the boost. It will start to play a track, then will stop, drop completely off the network and reappear about 3 minutes later. It was working just fine with the Wi-Fi setup. So far I have tried:
Changing the control channel on the router to 6 and on the sonosnet channel to 11. Removing all devices that could interfere with the 2.4GHz frequency including unplugging the Wi-Fi extender and cordless phones. I have an ASUS DSL-AC68u and have disabled airtime fairness as a precaution. I’ve deleted the Wi-Fi credentials on the controllers. None of these have made much of a difference. It’s very frustrating that the one product that was meant to solve a connection issue as caused me another more problematic one. Anyone have any further ideas on what could be going on?

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