setting up my boost

  • 31 May 2020
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I am setting up my Boost and following the instructions and when I go they my Sonos app I go to settings and sign in and it says that 

But I am connected??  Am I doing something wrong?

1 reply

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@bmusolf Thank you for reaching out to us here and welcome to the Sonos Community. You have a previous phone case showing your are running more than one network router. Is your device running the Sonos app connected to the correct wifi? If not, you will not be connected to your existing Sonos system and setup the Boost to a different Sonos account household ID. I would also ask, why are you setting up a Boost? I ask, as you have multiple Sonos products as registered assets. If any one of those products is near/next to the router your mobile device(s) are connected to wirelessly you can just Ethernet wire that Sonos product to that network router.

After you make that connection, based on diagnostic report history that I can see I would then strongly recommend you please power re-boot off your wifi equipment for 30 seconds with no lights on it, meaning no battery backup, then power it back up. While this equipment is powering back on then power re-boot off your Sonos units for the same time with no lights and plug them back in to power, no button pressing is needed. While we are powering on then re-boot the device(s) running the Sonos app. When you have the device(s) back on the correct wifi network router you will be connected back to your Sonos system. Please know that like the Boost that is not a speaker a wired Sonos product will provide you Sonosnet.

Now, if you still want to setup the Boost, complete the above re-booting, still temp wire a Play:1 like Front Door and when reconnected then setup the Boost under your existing system. Once that is complete you can make the Boost the wired product to the router, move the Play:1 back to its normal location and follow up here with an updated diagnostic report number. Lastly, whether you wire a current product and return the Boost or setup the Boost, I would recommend using Sonosnet channel 11 based on your diagnostic report history.