Set up Samsung One Remote without first setting up cable, satellite or Blu-ray player

  • 21 June 2017
  • 4 replies

In the support article regarding setting up the Samsung One Remote to work with Sonos, it mentions that you first need to add a cable, satellite, or Blu-ray player to enable the remote to emit IR signals. I don't have any of those, just the Samsung TV and Sonos. I did all the steps in the article (except setting up another device) twice without success. Is there a way to set up the Samsung One Remote to work with Sonos for someone like me who doesn't have other IR devices?

Here is the article:

Thank you.

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4 replies

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Hi bmshaw, how's it going with that remote? We've found that the only way to get the remote to use the IR is by tricking it to think there's another device there. Have you tried pretending you had another device and followed those steps as if there was one? You can also try selecting a soundbar and picking one of the ones that likely uses IR, like Philips.
Hi Ryan,

That worked. I went in and added an imaginary Phillips Soundbar just like you recommended. Thank you!

I am having the same problem. Could you please tell me the steps you took? I followed the forum steps but I don't have a cable box/satellite or blueray. I went on to add a Phillips soundbar to trick it but I got nothing.
Hi PinaHome562, I had it working for a short time but then it stopped working again and I was too burnt out to troubleshoot it. I called Sonos support last week and the representative informed me that there was a problem with the latest firmware for customers with a Soundbar. He loaded an update patch into the system which then I was able to download on my end and install. Now it is working perfectly. I suggest you call Sonos first to see if you have the same issue.