"Server cannot be found" woes

  • 28 December 2017
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I have been trying to fix this for weeks now and its driving me mad.
I have just started using my sonos play:5 again after about 6 months and Im getting the error regular. I fix it, then a couple of hours later or the next day its back again.
when I click on a song its says cannot connect to xxxxx(insert song) because server cannot be found. I have been through this so many times i know whats going to happen next, if I click update library, it will say cant find (insert my name) computer.
So I unshare/ share/.. firewall on / firewall off... change the computer name / restart and I usually get it working again eventually.I think its the changing the computer name that helps the most?
My ipad and iphone work perfectly and I can see the songs I play from them in the queue of my computer controller. so it just seems to be the computer thats the problem running windows 10 BTW if that makes a difference .I have done a lot of reading about this problem in this community but haven't found a permanent fix.
Sonos if this is such a common problem why don't you put out a patch to fix it ? when it works its great but that isnt very often
Thanks for any advice.

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34 replies

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I hadn't heard of NAS before it was mentioned here so thank you for the information, well worth keeping in mind.
Found this web article and worked for me...specifically the 2nd half of the article about the SIZE value in the reg key. Article says Win7 but worked on my Win10.

Look I’ve just moved house and I can only play my albums on Sonos if my mac is running , otherwise I pad and I phone cant play my music ....why . I phone states cannot connect to server and refers to Mac !... this should be an easy fix can anyone help PLEASE ,
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Look I’ve just moved house and I can only play my albums on Sonos if my mac is running , otherwise I pad and I phone cant play my music ....why . I phone states cannot connect to server and refers to Mac !... this should be an easy fix can anyone help PLEASE ,

Hi there,

It sounds like you are trying to play your music library on Sonos. When you set up a music share from your computer, the computer must be powered on in order for your Sonos speakers to play the music. If you'd prefer to keep your computer off, you can use an online music service instead as these do not require your computer to be powered on. You can also play directly from the storage on your iOS device, but may run into issues if you are using Airplay on non-Sonos devices while streaming from your iOS device.
Ok. Sonos I’m not a tech wizard so please help. I’ve had no problem with playing my albums / music from either my iPad or iPhone , just moved house and now I find that both of these can’t play my music unless my Mac is on . Why ?

this is what I get

Couple of things spring to mind. First, have you tried deleting the pointer to your Mac, and then re-entering it?

Second, is there any chance that the hard drive on your Mac is now going to sleep, when it wasn't before? i.e, double check the power settings on it, it may have been accidentally changed with recent updates.

Finally, if you really want an answer from Sonos, submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of getting this error, and either post the number here, or contact Sonos to discuss it. There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution. There's not anything in those screenshots that really tells them anything.
I have this problem not infrequently. It is either a Sonos engineering problem that has never really gotten addressed or in my case I suspect it is because my internet system goes to sleep on my computer when I have not used it for a while. I have a Google mesh with very, very strong signal in my home but when the computer has gone to sleep / disconnected itself from network Sonos thing it simply does not work. Ironically, once computer starts up again and reconnects everything to my iPhone it will work without the "server" computer even being on. All other things in home network system, e.g. Ring, Netflix, TV stuff all works no matter what the computer is doing. That is what IMHO Sonos should also be doing but alas not the case. I suppose we could say "well the music is stored on computer" but actually in my case it is all stored in iCloud.
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An "always available" NAS is a cheap solution for Sonos,my Raspberry Pi based one cost me under $100.