Sending phono signal from existing amplifier to SONOS Connect

  • 20 February 2019
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I have an old stereo system that includes a CD player, a turntable and one amplifier for both. When I bought the SONOS Connect, I was able to wire the RCA directly from my CD Player to the analog input on my Connect and it played through my SONOS speakers without trouble. However, when I try to do the same with my turntable, the sound is barely audible at maximum volume (even when I change the source level to 10 in advanced audio room settings on the Sonos app). I realize now that I must route the phonograph signal through an amplifier first, but I don't know how to do this with my old amp (since I haven't needed to incorporate it so far for my CD player).

When I plug the RCAs from the turntable into the phono input on my amplifier, the sound only comes through my existing external speakers. I can't get it to play through my SONOS speakers as well. I have tried plugging the RCAs from the turntable into Tape 1 inputs on my amplifier as well and then sending another set of RCAs from the corresponding Rec Out to the input on my SONOS Connect. But still nothing. I'm at a loss for what to do.

How do I use my existing amplifier to amplify the signal from my turntable before sending it to my SONOS speakers via the connect? Thanks.

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3 replies

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As above, personally I would use the Connect in line with your amplifier, wired as though it were a cassette/tape player. Select CD or Phono on the amp and it should forward those inputs to the Connect via the tape out. You can also then use the Tape Monitor on the amp to listen to what is coming back from the Connect, meaning your old hifi can also become a Sonos zone.

If you aren't sure on the cabling, post up what your amp is and we'll try to be more clear.
Try playing the turntable and CD player through their normal inputs on the old amp. Run Rec Out to the inputs on the Connect. Set the Autoplay room in the Connect line in settings to be one of your other Sonos speakers and play CD or vinyl. On your amplifier you will need to select the appropriate input. Not sure it will sync with what is playing on the amplifier's speakers.

In fact I am not totally confident it will work at all! What you really need is a phono pre-amp between the turntable and the Connect line-in, and then it should play just like the CD has been doing.
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It should be as simple as:
- Turntable to the 'Phono' input on your amp
- Connect's Line-In input to the 'Tape Out' connection on your amp
- On the amp, select 'Phono' as the source for the Tape Out output (not always necessary)