Seeking advise connecting Sonos system to home theater receiver.

  • 10 February 2017
  • 1 reply

I currently have three Play:1s in different rooms of our house and a PlayBar in our living room. In the basement I am setting up my 5.1 home theater. I want to add it as a room on my Sonos system which I understand I can do with a Connect. My home theater is run off a Yamaha Aventage RX-A1020 receiver which I am very happy with, but it doesn't have WIFI and I don't have Ethernet run to the basement at the moment, so currently features like airplay that require network connection are MIA.

So, can I use a Sonos Connect as a wireless network bridge (run Ethernet out from Connect to receiver) in order to get my Yamaha receiver a network connection?

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1 reply

Hi. Can you clarify what you actually want to do as a result of this? What do you want to be able to listen to and on what equipment? Because yes, it is possible to use a Connect just to get an internet connection to the Yamaha (provided you are running in Boost mode, otherwise the Ethernet ports on the Connect are inactive). But it seems a strange and expensive way to use a media streaming device. You could use a much cheaper Boost if that's all you want to do. Or use some form of network extender. SonosNet is not built for speed but for reliable audio transport, so I doubt it's ideal for what you have described.

Or do you want to stream Sonos through the Yamaha, in which case a Connect probably is appropriate, but you would use one of the audio outs on the Connect to a suitable input on your receiver for that, not a network cable.