Samsung UN55KS8000

I own a Playbar and a Samsung UN55KS8000. I cannot get the Samsung smart remote to pair with the Playbar and control sound. My TV did not come with an IR blaster.

What can I do? I do not want to use a universal or separate remote.

What steps must I take to control the Playbar sound with my Samsung smart remote?

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Does anyone know if they are able to control the playbar on the Samsung tv and an Amazon FireTV? I seem to be either able to control the Amazon fire or the sound within the Amazon fire but not both, forcing me to use 2 remotes.
I have followed the above, and was able to configure it to work with 2 HDMI ports. Good find!

It still wouldn't allow me to do it with more than 2 ports though. That's the maximum number of devices you can define for some reason.

I have a thread open in Samsung support community as well, and have just linked this thread over there in case this can prove useful.

EDIT: In the above steps, in step 5, choose the provider as Samsung. I have my PS4 on one of the ports, and Sony worked as well.

One major issue is dealing with the smart remote and the ps4. If you enable HDMI-CEC so that the "smart remote" can control the PS4, it breaks the volume control of the sonos playbar. Samsung needs to fix the smart remote so that it can issue volume commands regardless of what input you mind the device too.

The logic which Samsung uses does not make sense. I'm sure almost all cases there is only one home theater system. Thus when enable limit only certain inputs form using the home theater option?

I have the same issue with PS4. If I use HDMI-CEC to control PS4, the "Smart" remote stops sending the IR commands! This logic needs to be fixed. I hope this is sorted out soon, very annoying to have all the capabilities necessary available in the remote, but the logic gets in the way. Especially, since it isn't even possible to control volume on PS4 via HDMI-CEC anyway, so just leave the IR enabled on the remote!