Samsung TV and Sonos Beam

  • 15 July 2019
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Hi, I have a Samsung 75NU7100 TV. I've bought the Sonos Beam (bought 06/19 with Alexa) and tried connecting, using the original HDMI cable that came in the Sonos box, to the ARC/HDMI port or the Optic port of the TV with no success.
I've read the forum and enabled the Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) and the Game Mode - in the TV advanced settings but still no sound.
The Beam works well with other Sonos speakers (I group them) but not with the TV. Any idea how to solve this? Thanks.

Best answer by nik9669a 15 July 2019, 12:03

I’d ask Samsung the question, in that case. From what you say, it’s the signal being sent to the Beam that’s the issue.
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12 replies

One thing I would certainly be doing is checking to see if there is an update for the software on the TV. What I’m thinking is there is an issue maintaining an HDMI-CEC connection, due to it working when you power cycle the TV, which forces a new handshake. Have you called Samsung?

I am a week into owning my Sonos beam and am having problems with my Samsung TV.

It seems every time the TV goes off, when I turn it back on it simply will not recognise that there are any HDMI speakers connected.

Turn the tv off at the wall and turn it on again and it works. It is an annoying workaround.

anyone have any bright ideas?

I thought about trying to change the cables, but considering it works after the TV reset, the cables are clearly ok.

Had similar issues, Samsung TVs have issues passing a Dolby digital signal through the arc connection and its optical output. Only apps on the tv ( Netflix ) come through in 5.1. I got round this with the following link off amazon. 

Neoteck HDMI Audio Extractor HDMI to Optical Spdif Toslink Converter + HDMI Video Adapter Splitter-DAC HD Digital to Analog Stereo R/L Audio Extractor for Blu-ray DVD Player Xbox One SKY HD Box PS3


This sends a Dd5.1 signal through the optical/hdmi lead ( supplies with the beam ). Just configure you tv to audio from audio out so the tv remote doesn’t change the tv volume. You can then configure the remote via Sonos app to control the volume on the beam.

its not the Sonos beam at fault , it’s the tv, they know it but refuse to update firmware to fix it.

nik9669a I’m using PCM. Dolby isn’t enabled.
Ryan S There’s no way to set the Input to the HDMI-ARC port… this port doesn’t appear in the input options. I haven’t tried a different HDMI cable yet.
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When you set the TV's video input to the HDMI-ARC port that the Beam is connected with, do you get the black and white Sonos screens on the TV?

If you haven't tried it yet, try using a different HDMI cable too. Sometimes it's a bad cable, sometimes a port has a bad connection and re-seating the cable helps.
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You are sending DD, not DTS, DD+ or any other signal?
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Does Samsung have a Users forum? Try there, if so.

Im still surprised Samsung won’t talk you through what’s needed to be sure their TV is sending a DD signal.
Unfortunately Samsung's reply was that they didn't provide support to 3rd party speakers... No solution yet.
Thanks so much!
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I’d ask Samsung the question, in that case. From what you say, it’s the signal being sent to the Beam that’s the issue.
The Dolby options are disabled with a note that "Dolby is enabled only for external devices that support this format".
While playing with the Output options, for a moment I heard sound on the Sonos Beam but without the ability to play with the volume. But after I switched back to the TV speakers I wasn't able to switch back again to the HDMI external speakers and the situation remains the same as before.
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Configuring the audio output is, i think, under and needs to be Dolby Digital, if that option exists?