Samsung remote won't control volume

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Figured it out. The instructions are perfect, the issue is that the IR signal comes from the one connect box and not the remote. In my case, the one connect box is in a closet with all the AV equipment. Unfortunately, the one connect for the 2017 TVs does not have an IR out for extenders so I will have to buy an IR repeater to go from the closet back into the living room. I guess Samsung doesn't expect you to use their universal remote with a sound bar.
Interesting regarding One connect box. So how does the remote work with the tv normally? I have the one connect box in a cabinet under the wall hung tv. In the same cabinet I have a foxtel(cable tv) box. I run an IR receiver below the tv and in front of Sonos to pick up the two remotes and this feeds an emitter to the fox box. I can change fox channels using the Samsung remote but can’t control the Sonos volume. I can’t control Sonos volume when watching the onboard apps Netflix etc either. Doing my head in and Samsung’s phone number listed on their site is disconnected.

Any ideas? It’s a customers job too ?
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Yep. This worked. I have a MU7100 and am using it as a stand-alone TV for Netflix and Amazon Prime. I only have a Playbar, Sub + 2 Play:1’s.
Great explanation below and worked for me.

Hi All. I've managed to find a solution to this with my Samsung 49KS7000. In Smart Remote Set-Up, I set up a New Home Theatre and I manually typed Sonos into the list and chose Optical as the source. The TV will then ask if the Playbar powers off. Nothing will happen to the Playbar but continue on as if it worked. Now go back into Universal Remote and go to the newly created Sonos and select use with Cable/Satellite Box or Blu-Ray device.

In this instance, I paired mine with my Sky box, and now I can use the normal TV remote, the Sky Remote or the Smart Remote to control the Playbar. Also, going to the input and renaming it back to Sky from the newly created 'Sky-Sonos' meant I only had a Sky logo on the input. Hope this helps!