S2 14.6 Surround Sound Speaker drop outs

  • 11 May 2022
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Hi, I’ve noted a trend in what I’ve read here about this 14.6 issue in that the Arc is the predominant soundbar.  My soundbar is a PlayBar and I use a Boost.  When my system is stable I don’t experience audio drop outs I just get up in the morning to find my surround setup not working, i.e. the sub and play 1 satellites not present in the app.  Sometimes, like now, they appear ‘on their own’ without any intervention.  My diagnostic file is file ref: “321963361”.  I took this dump when the system had lost its sub and play 1’s.  
The main purpose of this post is to flag that the 14.6 ‘drop out’ issue is not exclusive to Arc (or Beam for that matter).  

I’ve previously been through the ‘missing products’ cycle but the issue re-occurs.


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Hi @blind.bloke 

Thanks for your post!

I looked at your diagnostic but the Playbar was in fact completely missing from the report, so I think something else is happening. 

The Boost is reporting two ethernet sockets in use - what is the second one used for, if the first is going to your router/switch?

Currently, I’d just recommend you do a full reboot - unplug Sonos devices and your router from power. Once the router has been off for 30 seconds, turn it on and wait for WiFi to return before turning on the Boost. Please wait for the Boost to show a solid, white light before turning on the rest of the system. Turn on the surround speakers and Sub only after the Playbar has a solid, white light.

I hope this helps - if it doesn’t, please describe your network topology. Thanks.