S1 Android app not playing any streaming service to Play 1 since recent app update via Play Store

Since recent upgrade of S1 app on Android, I can only play S 1 by grouping it with S 5 gen 1. S1 app will not allow any streaming to Play 1 as a stand alone player. It was working fine until recent upgrade. Any clues please? I have rebooted everything, checked network, etc. It definitely feels like a problem since Android S 1 app update. E.g. errors “701, cannot add to queue” on Mixcloud, and “unable to play the radio station” on TuneIn.

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In the first instance, try powering off your router and all Sonos devices.  Power the router fully back on.  Then power up the Sonos devices.  Occasionally routers get their IP addresses confused when speakers reboot as part of an update.  Power cycling everything often fixes this.

I have tried this a couple of times and still struggling to figure out what the issue is. Same errors.