router in modem mode..

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With usual apologies if you've been through this.. 


I'm expecting a mesh wifi system to be delivered today as our Virgin Media router is causing problems while the whole house are trying to work from home.. I'm hoping it will also solve the problems with my play 1 in the kitchen dropping out very regularly.


My original question was going to be should I plug my boost into the virgin media router that will now be in modem mode or the new Google nest access point that will be plugged into the router. Then I got to thinking,  if I have a new strong mesh wifi system,  should I do away with the boost and just connect my sonos speakers to that,  or should i keep the sonos on its own 'wired' setup using the boost.. 

I ask because even in wired mode using the boost plugged into my router, the audio on my play 1 in the kitchen drops out quite regularly but all other products in rooms closer to the boost remain stable..


Any thoughts / tips much appreciated.. 



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First of all you must not connect anything other than another router to a VM box that’s in modem mode. A Google mesh contains a router in its primary node, so that qualifies.

Connecting a Sonos system directly to a modem would expose the system to the public internet.

Your system must therefore connect to the private/LAN side of the Google mesh. Either this is by wiring a Sonos component to one of the Google nodes, ideally the primary one, or by connecting Sonos to the mesh WiFi.

Try either arrangement, but generally people find that Sonos works best with one component wired, i.e. in SonosNet mode.

If the system’s in WiFi (“wireless”) mode, connecting to the mesh WiFi, Sonos units can attach to different nodes. Where these use different 2.4GHz channels this can degrade performance when players are grouped.

Thanks for that Ratty.