room grouping not maintained

  • 14 August 2018
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is it possible to have room grouping be maintained? almost always I want to play to a group but have to "re-group" the rooms for each session. is there a way to save the group for the next session?

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5 replies

The group should persist. Obviously powering the players off/on will cause the players to ungroup. If the group is breaking spontaneously it could be due to major network disturbance. Submit a system diagnostic and post the reference number.
I have been a sonos user for 12 years.i have 20 zones.lately I have a hard time grouping zones, playing songs all the way thru,dropped zones completely having to rest the zone and rename.i love sonos and recently bought the stock at the IPO. Right now I would like tp trash the whole system. It appears that others have the same problem and the help line has a 30 plusminute wait which tells me this is a sonos issue . Please help
As a 12-year veteran I'm sure you're aware of the need for the network to be solid. Two obvious possibilities: some new source of wireless interference has sprung into being, or you simply have a case of IP address conflict.

If you don't reserve fixed IP addresses in the DHCP server (usually to be found in the router) then IP conflict can potentially strike at any time if the router becomes forgetful. A full network restart -- everything -- should clear any IP issues come what may, unless there are some static IPs which have been misconfigured directly into any devices.

Wireless can be more tricky. Presumably you run in SonosNet/Boost mode, so you could always try a different SonosNet channel. Otherwise I suggest you submit a diagnostic, post the number, and let Sonos Support take a look.
Sonos please look at diagnostics number 1136050202
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Sonos please look at diagnostics number 1136050202

Thanks for sending in the report. I see that there are wireless communication errors between various components on your setup. Some of the connections between your units look to be on the weak side. Generally this is due to range, but if you haven't moved your units in a while, it is likely due to interference from other wireless electronics.

You can start by changing the wireless channel your Sonos system is using. This can reduce interference from nearby signals that may be running on the same wireless channel as your Sonos system.

It may also help to look around and in between your Sonos units for any third party wireless device which could be causing interference. Common sources of interference include cordless phones, wireless cameras, wireless access points, wireless baby monitors, wireless TVs and wireless printers.