Roam won't play in group

Hope you guys can help, 

I’m trying to get my roam to play simultaneously with my Five.  I see the roam in the group but no sound is coming out of it. I reinstalled the entire thing, did a factory reset, rebooted my router, nothing seems to work.  I can swap from one device to another but both wont play at once.  

Any ideas?

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Describe your network, particularly how the WiFi is delivered. Are there any WiFi extenders?

Does the Five connect to the WiFi, or is it wired to the network?

thanks Ratty, 

There are no extenders. The Five is connected to the WIFI. When installing the roam, it connected to the WIFI as well.   I’m wondering : while installing, the app didn’t prompt to group the Roam. 


The app wouldn’t prompt to group. Did you not do so manually?

yes I did. That is how I know both are playing music but the sound comes out of one or the other. As I said, I can swap between the five and the roam. But if both devices are selected, and lets say the sound comes out of the five, the roam doesn't play although it shows as it is on the app and vice versa


This is strange. How are you managing to swap between the two while they’re grouped? What source are you playing? 

if I press the play pause button, it will swap from one device to the other

I do believe it’s WIFI, if both are checked in the app.  I would think the system would recognize that both device are within WIFI reach… We even tried deactivating bluetooth


Press-and-hold on the play/pause button triggers sound swap between the two. On the other hand pressing for slightly less time would cause grouping (or ungrouping) to occur. 

I don’t think you can be grouping them correctly. See the various ways to do so in the article I linked above. 

ok, will try again, and agin! 

Thanks for your help