Roam and Move not cooperating

  • 7 December 2021
  • 7 replies

Ongoing, various issues with these two plugged speakers, which are part of an 11 device Sonos system.

When I group them (daily, morning routine) randomly, but frequently, the Move can't be found ("Try later") or if they do group, volume is unresponsive on the Move. I have to use manual adjustment.

I have had related issues with accessing the Roam or finding features like volume unavailable.

Often Find Missing Products helps, and i have to power off/power on, etc. Router reset seems to help but, with 5 family members, is a hassle.

Then the problem(s) return. Any ideas?

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7 replies

hi @raenvald are you sure you are the only one in the house that controls the devices? maybe the Roam and Move are being used by another person and with BlueTooth connection? From my own experience, competing S2 Controllers (on iOS) may cause issues


Thanks. True that these are variables, but nope, that is not what’s happening. I am the only user of these two speakers. They are very (very) rarely being switched to BlueTooth. I love the connectivity of the native network.

I will take some time to log the issues/circumstances when the problem arises. Like right now with no S2 volume control on the Move - Roam is just fine.

Both Roam and Move rely on your router’s WiFi signal, whereas if you’ve wired one of your other Sonos devices to the router, the other devices are on Sonosnet.  So my guess would be your Roam and Move aren’t getting a good enough WiFi signal.  Not sure if moving these speakers closer to the router would help.  Perhaps it’s time for a router upgrade?

you may want to consult this WiFi Troubleshooting post


Thanks, could be the data signal.

I have a Boost ethernet-wired to the router. So I presumed I was on Sonosnet for all speakers.

Should Sonosnet be sufficient (that is why I got the Boost, a few years back)? Would swapping in my Connect help/hurt that situation?

The Router is a new ISP-provided unit, but we also got two of their boosters for other parts of the house, neither of which is assisting with my bathroom and bedroom, where these units reside. I can possibly play with the placement of the ISP’s boosters, but prefer to be using Sonosnet.


Sorry, okay, you are telling me that both the Move & Roam rely on wi-fi. They are not on the Sonosnet. Alright. Wil explore improving wi-fi signal. Thanks.

Roam and Move do not use SonosNet, so you will need to troubleshoot the wifi connections