Right side of play5 stereo pair drops after returning from line in to streaming

  • 29 December 2016
  • 2 replies

I have two play5's. The right speaker is near my turntable, so I use it for line in. When I switch back from line in to streaming, the room forgets the right speaker [ "Stereo Pair (L+?)" ] and I can only stream out of the left speaker. This happens every time I use line in, and otherwise my stereo pairing is totally solid. I have autoplay turned off.

Unplugging the right speaker and plugging it back in fixes the problem (with no other steps needed.)

I don't think this is a question as much as a bug report.

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2 replies

You have some local network issues. Are the PLAY:5s on your WiFi, or is there a wired Sonos component?

Line-In is the most stressful stream in terms of bandwidth demand. Moreover the left unit of a stereo pair fetches the stream and sends it to the right one. In your case this means that the turntable signal has to go Line-In->(R)->router->(L)->router->(R) to play on the right speaker. If the wireless link to the R unit is borderline this could explain things.

I suggest you submit a system diagnostic and post the number. Sonos Support can look at signal strengths and advise.
The Play:5s are both on my wifi, which has a very strong signal in that location. The left-side fetching info is interesting. Perhaps my first step will be to simply reassign the two - call the one currently on the right the left, and vice versa - I don't really care which side is which, as long as I get stereo separation. That way the turn table will be plugged into a speaker acting as a left, which will cut out a there-and-back to the router.

If it still forgets a speaker when I return from line-in to streaming, I will try the system diagnostic route. Thanks.