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  • 24 April 2021
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The call center technical support agents are not succeeding in providing solutions. We have been on the phone for three hours. There is a loud ringing noise coming from my Sonos Roam, and it only charges up to 60%. The agents on the phone can barely speak English, so it is very difficult to communicate with them, and this results in them getting your phone number wrong for example. So then they say they will call you back and they never call you back. But actually, my phone number was correct, and they just never called me back after we mutually agreed that I would take a video of the loud ringing noise and send it to them, which I did, and then didn’t receive a call back after waiting for 30 minutes.


So, I called tech support again and waited 15 minutes whilst forced to listen to sonically disturbing jazz music that I cannot disable; then a woman from another call center answers and we have to repeat the entire process of endless, aimless, futile troubleshooting. She says she will take 3-5 minutes to “check something” and puts me on hold, then comes back with another troubleshooting solution, which of course does not work. I am currently listening to jazz music on hold at 8:07 PM ET on a Friday night because I leave soon for vacation which I needed this speaker for which is why I pre-ordered this speaker on March 10 and confirmed it would arrive on April 21. I opened it this morning (April 24) and have had all of these issues.


I will never, ever, purchase a Sonos product again despite proudly owning two Sonos One SL (no longer proud to be an owner and will be discarding them). Perhaps someone else from Sonos can help, the sales and tech support folks have been unable to reach any resolutions. It is incredibly stressful and a significant waste of time. My ears are in pain as the speaker continues to make this loud noise.

2 replies

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Hi @neveragainsobad,


I’ve taken a look at the open case you have with our tech team, and it appears your issue has already been escalated to one of our engineers. It seems like you should be expecting a call back or an email today (Monday 26th April) with your options and I’m sure that you’ll be able to come to a resolution with them. I’ve taken your feedback on board and passed it over to our customer experience team to better improve the experience when contacting our tech team.

Thank you James, once I am contacted I will provide an update here for others’ awareness.