Resuming play of the queue after pause - says it can’t access tracks and scrolls through tracks until it can.

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Most times when I pause playing a queue and then try to resume play after a break of say a couple of hours I get an error alert saying access to music denied and it starts rapidly scrolling through the queue. After a short while, when it can access the music in the queue again, it will resume playing but by then it will have moved a few hundred songs down the queue. It’s irritating if you didn’t want to lose your place as you then have to physically scroll back through the queue looking for the last track played since there is no ‘search queue’ facility.

My music is stored on an external hard drive so I was wondering if the problem could be caused either by the hard drive taking a while to respond?

Or, as I have a BT hub router which snoozes if not in continuous use could that be the cause. I have spoken to someone at BT who said that their routers do not snooze but there is a page on BT’s website which states otherwise, regarding it as an energy saving feature. There doesn’t appear to be a way of stopping the hub from doing this. Wondered if anyone else with BT broadband experiences problems with Sonos?

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Hi. I have not had any such problems with BT or other routers. A slow response from the hard drive seems more plausible. I am assuming that you mean a hard drive attached to a computer? I would not expect this issue with a NAS.

If the queue is made up of tracks from other sources (e.g. phone, streaming service) do you get the same problem?
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Hi, thanks for your response. Yes, it’s a hard drive connected to my Mac. To be honest I tend not to use music streaming sites but occasionally do use Spotify but just to play an odd track. I’ll create a queue of Spotify tracks and see if it still happens.

The reason I wondered about the BT Hub is that I have another intermittent problem that I have just posted a separate question in relation to ‘alarms’. I have an alarm set to play BBC Radio 4 but increasingly often the Chimes play instead of the radio station and this, I thought, could be due to the router not responding because it was ‘snoozing’ and, being unable to access Radio immediately the alarm immediately chooses the alternative ‘chime’.
Another possible troubleshooting experiment would be to temporarily move a chunk of your library to a folder on your Mac, add that folder to your Sonos Music Library, reindex, then create a queue from tracks on the Mac.
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Your Mac is likely going to sleep, and while waking up those tracks are unavailable. Use a streaming service instead of files on an external drive to avoid this, or set the Mac so it does not sleep.

Your router is NOT going to sleep, not only would that be the stupidest router ever (even by BT standards), but the Sonos app is clearly still communicating with the players, so the router cannot be asleep.