Repeated unable to find Sonos

  • 26 April 2019
  • 28 replies

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28 replies

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Skids, I have multiple issues with my VM SuperHub 3. In summary, at the moment I only ever have one device wired to the router and I have disabled the 5.0Ghz wifi. At the moment that has given me stability.
Jeff, it would appear that your suggestion to move the Boost a little further away from the router has, for now at least, solved my problem. Since I moved them 2 feet apart, I have never had an issue with not finding the Sonos system.

I hope you other guys manage to solve your issues.
Legnum, the Boost is the only wired device connected to my VM Superhubby 3 thingy but I haven't disabled 5.0 and my issues have, for now, gone away.