Removing motherboard

  • 18 February 2017
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I need to remove, and repair/replace the motherboard on a play5. Does anyone have pictures or video of how to remove this?

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2 replies

I believe the following from another thread gives Sonos' (and thus their forum's) policy on such things:

Hi everyone, interesting discussion but I want to make sure that anyone who gets to this thread knows not to open your Sonos products if you're looking to do any sort of replacement or repair with us.

Sonos products are not designed to be opened and repaired out in the world, and we do not provide any resources or replacement components for doing this. The warranty services for Sonos components also does not cover units that have been opened in any way.

Even if your player is outside the standard warranty time, we can probably still assist with a replacement as long as it hasn't been opened. There will likely be a fee for the replacement if it's out of warranty.

Anytime a unit fails, we want them to come back to us when possible so that we can review what happened and make adjustments if there's need.

If you have a PLAY:3 that's not powering up, or think there's any other hardware issue for that matter, feel free to give us a call on our support line.

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ummm... before you open this thing up... you may want to contact Sonos... I understand they have very good replacement purchase options that may make sense... but I understand those are not available if you open it...