Removed bridge from system?

  • 24 November 2015
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I've had a quick search but couldn't find out what I'm after (I may not have used the correct phrasing though!).

Basically up until yesterday my system consisted of a Bridge sat by my TV and wired into my network, and then around the house 2x Play 5, 1x Play 1 and a Connect:Amp.

Yesterday I got a PlayBar (which on first set up and listen I'm very happy with) and this sits in front of my TV, right next to the Bridge. I want to remove the Bridge and wire the Playbar directly to the switch and use the Playbar as the gateway to my Sonos network as it seems a bit silly having a Bridge and a Playbar right next to each other and both using electricity.

Do I need to do this in any particular order so that I don't lose my playlists and other settings? Are they even stored in the Bridge in the first place?

Any help much appreciated - thank you 🙂

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7 replies

No, they're not stored in the bridge, they're stored in every Sonos player. Just plug the Playbar into the router first, give it a few minutes to have a think and then unplug the bridge. Should just work seamlessly.
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Since you have the Bridge already you can use it to improve your Sonos system. For example say you have speakers at two ends of the house. Plug you Bridge in to an AC outlet half in between and hide behind a couch. You have now improved your set up.
You have now improved your set up.
You've probably only increased your electricity bill. Unless the distant speakers are struggling to stay connected the BRIDGE is likely to be bypassed.
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Thanks for the replies.

My house isn't massive, and I've had no issues with drop outs up until now, so I'll just take the Bridge out of the system, but I wanted to keep the connection via Sonosnet.

It sounds pretty straight forward and will get it done tonight.

Thanks again!
If anything, your SonosNet should be happier. BRIDGE was the last holdout still using the old SonosNet 1.0 technology. PLAYBAR uses SonosNet 2.0.
This worked for me too. And now I have an extra electricity outlet.
For some reason I cant get this to work. every time I remove the bridge connected to the router I lose my whole network