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  • 3 October 2016
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I have a couple of Play:3's, a Playbar and a Play:5 on WiFi. Love the system but since moving house my Play:5 has recently started dropping off the network & reconnecting. Music play is stopped and when the 5 is reconnected, it resets the music queue (reverts to the first track).
My WiFi is Ruckus, with 2 APs controlled by a Zonedirector. The ZD logs show that the Play:5 disconnects for the WLAN, leaves AP1 and joins AP2 (and vice versa). This is happening with annoying regularity - usually after a period of just over 1200 seconds. (although occasionally it will maintain connection for hours). My other devices are fine and never disconnect.
I can't see anything wrong with the WLAN config that would cause this. DHCP lease time is 1 day, signal is good to both APs from the :5 (65% & 99%).
Anyone come across this? It's driving me nuts!!
A few log extracts below...

2016/10/01 08:58:13 Low User[00:0e:58:64:3d:04] joins WLAN[Home] from AP[6c:aa:b3:2c:xx.xx]
2016/10/01 08:57:51 Low User[00:0e:58:64:3d:04] leave WLAN[Home] at AP[2c:e6:xx:xx:f1:d0] with Session Time[1200.42 sec] RX Bytes[386711] TX Bytes[839312]
2016/10/01 08:57:51 Low User[00:0e:58:64:3d:04] disconnects from WLAN[Home] at AP[2c:e6:xx:xx:f1:d0]
2016/10/01 08:37:51 Low User[00:0e:58:64:3d:04] joins WLAN[Home] from AP[2c:e6:xx:xx:f1:d0]
2016/10/01 08:37:31 Low User[00:0e:58:64:3d:04] leave WLAN[Home] at AP[6c:aa:b3:xx:xx:40] with Session Time[1200.12 sec] RX Bytes[2744829] TX Bytes[3888318]
2016/10/01 08:37:31 Low User[00:0e:58:64:3d:04] disconnects from WLAN[Home] at AP[6c:aa:b3:xx:xx:40]

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3 replies

I doubt Sonos officially supports this type of situation, and your ZoneDirector might be responsible.

Why don't you simply wire one of the speakers to the network? This will flip the system into SonosNet mode, using its own mesh wireless, and take it off your WiFi.

If it's not convenient to wire a speaker, get a BOOST and wire that instead. You'd need to temporarily wire a speaker in order to add the BOOST to the system, but after that it can take over as the wired node,
Well I finally got to the bottom of the issue. It took a spectrum analyser but I isolated the problem to my neighbour's Sky router which was - for whatever reason - upping its power output by ~50dB for a minute or so every 20 minutes. I reconfigured my ZoneDirector to restrict the 2.4Ghz channels to those not affected by the beastly Sky thing and it's been fine since. 😃
Wow. That's amazing. Thank you most kindly for letting us know the bizarre result.