Reconnect after power failure

My Sonos Play 5 dropped out after a power failure. I have rebooted modems and routers, done a factory reset, connected to router with ethernet cable, everything I can find listed in this forum. I still get the "Missing player" error message. What next? All other components on the system are still working fine.

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Hi Ledaily44,

Welcome to the community. What lights do you currently see on the top of the PLAY:5? Do you have a solid white or a blinking green? That will let us know what status the PLAY:5 is in.

We can also take a look at a diagnostic to see if there are other factors coming into play. Can you follow the steps here for a diagnostic and send us the confirmation:
Thanks! The light is solid white but I still can't connect to it. Just submitted diagnostics, confirmation #7412140.


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