rears and sub went out

how do I get these back online. unplugged everything router all of it. can't find step by step instructions anywhere. its all new set up this first time setup that. was all good yesterday what happenedend and how to make it work

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the new one comes today. just wondering what to expect for the setup. my phone app knows my old PB and sub and rears. is it going to be forget this device here re pair these devices there. will it be more confusing because its not a simple first time setup or will there be instructions with the new in the box?

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Hey there, 


Many apologies for the late response. Please open the Sonos mobile app and tap Settings>System>(The Choice Room)>Remove Surrounds. Once that's done, please follow the find missing product process with that speaker again and let us know if you can get it to re-appear in the app.


Once all of the speakers are visible in the app, go back to settings within the Sonos app to add surrounds again.

Might be worth double checking that the Wi-Fi (Radio) hasn’t been turned off on your sound bar, since it is used to connect both the surrounds and the sub.