Rear speakers randomly stop working

  • 3 December 2019
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This has happened a handful of times now and I am at a loss as to how to fix and/or prevent it from happening. I have the playbar paired with 2 rear Play 1’s and the sub. Every now and then (for maybe 2 weeks or so) sound will only play from the soundbar. I have tried disconnecting the rear speakers through the app and reconnecting but this doesn’t fix the issue. I have also tried a power reset on the soundbar but still nothing. Additionally, the TV remote stopped working to control TV audio but the buttons on the speakers as well as the app still work. Thanks in advance. 

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4 replies

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@mcolombo1220 Hi there, thanks for reaching out. You can try going through the remote setup again, or try swapping out the batteries. 


The next time you notice the rear speakers dropping off, double check that you're tuned into an audio source that you know is in surround, then submit a diagnostic report and reply here with the confirmation number, I’ll take a look.

Hi Jeff and thank you for the reply. I just attempted to go through the remote set up process again but when it asked for me to press the volume up button, it didn’t detect a remote. The batteries are good and I use the remote regularly for my tv so I’m not sure why it randomly stopped working. 

I noticed today that the rear speakers stopped working again so I went ahead and submit a diagnostic report - confirmation number 484943731. The speakers would usually work when playing music as well, but music only comes out of the sound bar now, although using the + - buttons on the surround speakers do raise and lower the volume. Thanks for your assistance.

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Thanks for the update and the report. Look around your Playbar’s IR sensor for anything that could be blocking it or sending out an IR signal. Try moving away anything you find. Also, you can try using a different remote, or swapping out the batteries anyhow.


Your Playbar is losing communication with your rear speakers. It uses the 5 ghz antenna to do so. Take a look around your Sonos home theater speakers for any other devices which could be using a 5 ghz signal. Common sources of this type of interference include cordless phone bases, wireless cameras, wireless baby monitors, wireless thermostats, and wireless printers. You can move these devices away, or power them off temporarily to see if it helps.

So I was able to move my WiFi extender closer to the rear speakers and that seemed to fix the connection issues. I’d imagine that they simply had trouble getting a full connection every once in a while, but this seems to have solved it.

As far as the remote, there is nothing blocking the IR sensor and the Xfinity remote works fine with controlling the soundbar, however, I would prefer to use the Samsung TV remote as my primary remote. This is the one that used to work but now stopped. It seems to work for everything else except volume. I haven’t tried swapping the batteries, but I will give that a try one I get some new ones. 

Thanks again for your help!