Rear speakers not working

  • 16 February 2017
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About six months ago I had a Sonos system “professionally” installed by a local vender. Ever since I have never felt I am getting the most out of the system. My problem is the two ceiling speakers don’t seem to be giving off any sound and there is nothing on my app that isolates these speakers to adjust them. Also when I go on the app on settings then advanced setting when I click on “wireless Settings” I get an error message “There was a problem configuring Sonos to work on your network. You will need a Sonos Boost or player permanently connected to your router in order to use your Sonos System. I already have a Boost permanently connected to my system.
Below are the components and how they are wired:
Boost wired to router w/ eathernet cable.
Boost wired to Connect:Amp w/ eathernet cable.
Ceiling speakers (2 not Sonos) hard wired to Connect: Amp.
Playbar wired to TV w/ optical cable.
Base not wired.
I guess my question is does the wiring look correct and is there any way to adjust the rear ceiling speakers. Thank you for any assistance you can give me.

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6 replies

If the CONNECT:AMP is supposed to be driving the in-ceiling speakers as surrounds with the PLAYBAR then, no, the wiring is not correct. There has to be a wired connection between the CONNECT:AMP (evidently wired to the BOOST) and the PLAYBAR (evidently wireless).

If you go into Room Settings, what rooms are shown? Include any letters which appear in brackets.
Living Room (+SUB+LS+RS)
Well, it knows you have surround speakers. Are you sure the PLAYBAR doesn't have an Ethernet connection?

The surrounds' relative volume level can be found in the room settings for 'Living Room', under Advanced Audio.
When I peg the surround TV level to both ends there is no change in volume. Since the Connect:Amp and Soundbar are in different rooms I suppose I could use Link to run the Ethernet on the electric line to the Soundbar. Have you ever heard of anyone doing that? If I did that would I plug the Ethernet cable into the second port on the Connect:Amp and leave the Boost plugged in or remove the Boost cable?
You can't use Ethernet over Powerline. It's totally unsupported by Sonos and, in the case of the connection between the PLAYBAR and CONNECT:AMP, has such variability in latency (delay) that the surrounds would drop out. There's a reason why Sonos insist on a wired network path between the PLAYBAR and CONNECT:AMP, and it's to ensure guaranteed low latency.

If your PLAYBAR doesn't have any Ethernet connection at all then I'm afraid the "professional" local vendor doesn't know his business. I suggest you go back to him, in particular pointing him to this FAQ.
Thanks I'm going to have a little chat with the vendor. He has some splaining to do.