Rear speakers and Sub cutting out

  • 27 January 2018
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I have a Playbar, Sub and 2 Play 3 speakers paired together. Recently the sound on the rear Play 3 speakers and Sub cuts out for around 10 seconds at a time. The only sound is then out of the Playbar. This seems to happen every 20mins or so. Also it happens whether the output is the TV or Music streaming.

I have attempted a factory reset to the Sonos and re-setup the system but the problem still occurs.

I have a Sonos bridge in place wired into my router via Ethernet, so the Sonos system is on running directly over my Wi-Fi.

I have submitted a diagnostics report just now and the confirmation number is 8417542.

Any help diagnosing and resolving this issue would be grately appreciated.


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3 replies

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Having the same issue for over two months here. Submitted a ticket, and after some back and forth via email with Sonos, I was told to call support.
Getting the same issue here aswell had my sonos years this has never happened. Could it be this latest update ??
Having submitted a ticket and after some back and forth with Sonos support, my issue is wi-fi interference. I replaced by Bridge with a Boost, but this hasn’t resolved the issue. Sonos support suggested disabling my 5ghz wi-fi and switching off my second access point (I have a Netgear mesh wi-fi) neither of which I really want to do.

They told me to call support to attempt a resolution in real time, but considering my issue is almost certainly wi-fi interference I’m not sure that this will help any further.