Really Slow Cover art retrieval

  • 1 October 2019
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Retrieval of my cover art on my music library on my android device is painfully slow. It's stored on my synology and the Associated ZP is about 2 metres away from me! I have embedded artwork and i have JPG files in each album directory. I have tried removing the JPG files from a few albums and doing a manual music library scan, then i scroll through and check and there's no difference on loading time from the albums which have their JPG files removed and those that still have their JPG files.

Can anyone suggest or help?

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16 replies

Uninstall the app from the phone.
' Forget' your home network in your phone settings.
Power cycle your phone
Reconnect your phone to your network.
Download the Sonos app. Choose ' connect to existing system.
See if that helps. No promises.
cheers for the reply John B - worth a shot but made no difference at all.
This is a networking or phone thing rather than anything to do with a generic Sonos issue. You might try rebooting NAS or router. Or it may be that you will wake up tomorrow and it will be fine again.
Is there much else running on the controller device?
To be fair it's been happening since i took the plunge with sonos in 2013 - always been the same....and it's real done my head in! in that time i've changed wireless routers / mobile devices and now have a dedicated PoE WAP mounted on the ceiling (in the same room as my Associated ZP). Also I get exactly the same symptoms on my macbook app. Music Library -> Albums.... and wait about 8 - 10seconds before album art starts populating. Then scroll quickly down to another section in my library - no art - wait about 8-10 seconds, art starts coming up.

Plus no other wireless devices I have seem to be suffering in the general connectivity / latency department. Xbox streaming wirelessly is fine for example - and that's in the same room as my WAP. At a real loss as to what it could be.
Can I just check. Do you have artwork embedded in individual music files as well as at folder level? If you do it is the individual embedded artwork that needs to go with just the folder level artwork left

What size are the pics:?
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Would submitting a diagnostic after playing a few tracks on different albums show the Sonos staff anything? If it would doing so and contacting them might be of some help.

I'm using external images only here on my Sonos and NAS with no issues.
Thanks for the pointers guys. I will try using external images only. if that fails I'll submit a diagnostic to sonos.
OK i've chosen 1 album to change and experiment on - It's a 500x500 file, sized at 191KB

1) remove embedded artwork wth Kid3 and artwork file. Rescan Sonos library. Artwork doesn't show. Expected result.

2) drop in the .JPG file - name it exactly as foldername.jpg. Rescan Sonos Libary. Artwork doesn't show at all after waiting some time.

3) Embed that same .JPG file into the tracks using kid3 tag editor. Can now see the little artwork icons for the files in finder. Rescan Sonos Libary. Artwork shows but same issue - takes a while (3-4 seconds) to appear.

4) remove the external JPG file. Rescan Sonos Libaray. Absolutely no different result to experiment 3.

So it appears my Sonos setup ONLY takes account of embedded artwork...and takes a while to appear. Don't really know where to go from here.

I guess diagnostics and open call with Sonos?
2) drop in the .JPG file - name it exactly as foldername.jpg. Rescan Sonos Libary. Artwork doesn't show at all after waiting some time.
You're using the wrong name. It should be "folder.jpg", without the quotes obviously.
Hi. My Sonos setup definitely sees artwork that is not embedded, Just for comparison, I have a standard folder structure of albums nested within artist. Each album subfolder has the music files (no embedded artwork in many cases) plus a jpg file called folder.jpg. And I really mean that this jpg file is called folder.jpg in every folder. It does not vary according to the artist or album name.

This works on Sonos, or at least my Sonos.

How does yours compare?
Just seen @ratty's response, which appeared while I was a**ing around doing experiments. Ah well .....😋
OK cheers for your help. I have removed all embedded artwork in my 300 or so albums, leaving a file called folder.jpg. (thank gawd for kid3-cli!) and I DEFINITLEY see a marked improvement under library -> Albums. (I name my albums "artist - album" so that albums appear alphabetically by artist under albums list, rather than the useless default album alphabetically view - i mean - who on earth at Sonos thinks that is useful?!!). Anyway I digress - the album artwork still doesn't come up immediately, but it's near immediate and much more consistent on both my mac desktop app and my android app.
A music track has three basic elements: Metadata (track name, artist, , etc.), music data, and (optional) artwork. If the artwork is stored at the end of the file, retrieving artwork will require more time -- especially if the file is fragmented on the drive. There is a small image cache in the players. If the artwork is stored as folder.jpg or is currently in the player's cache, some of the disc fetches can be avoided. Embedded artwork could be different for each track and must be freshly fetched from the drive for each track. Also, the drive will have a cache. If artwork is currently in the drive's cache, no mechanical movement will be required. As a consequence of artwork being in a cache or not, fetch times can vary.
Thanks for letting us know. I am pleased to hear that. 'Near immediate' is also how I would describe it on my system.

I wonder if smaller jpg files would spered it up some more? The maximum for Sonos is 1024 x 1024 pixels, but you but probably get away with 200 x 200.
When I started out with Sonos the CR100 controller had a mediocre resolution and I could get away with similarly low resolution artwork. The advent of controller apps on larger tablets eventually exposed its shortcomings, and I ended up upgrading all my art around 5 years ago.

I find folder.jpg artwork between 500x500 and 600x600 makes for a good compromise. I keep the size below 200kB, if necessary running a recompression on which always seems to find a bit more space to squeeze out.

Much of the art fetched by the likes of Album Art Downloader now arrives in 1400x1400 or more, so the initial post-download stage is often a simple resizing in Windows Paint.