Really Frustrated

  • 14 January 2017
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I've had Play:3 speakers for over a year now and have not been able to make them work reliably since I got them. They consistently drop songs, hiccup, and fade to the point where I don't use them anymore. I have High-speed internet, no firewall interference, and minimum housectraffic and the Sonos speakers still don't work reliably. I simply want to be able to play songs from my iPhone and have not even bothered to try internet streaming (what's the point). Recently I went out and spent even MORE money and bought a boost box to try and make this Sonos system work. it was more wasted money. Followed the instructions, set it up, SAME inconsistent results. Maybe others have gotten their systems to work but my experience with Sonos has been disapointing at best. Has anyone else had the same crappy experience?

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2 replies

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Have you contacted Support on either Twitter here on this site. The guys are so helpful and keep going 'til they work out what is happening. If needed they will escalate and get the right guy on the Phone. I can't believe you have had them for a year without a solution. Don't give up they are good.
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I would submit a diagnostic under settings ... advanced and post the number here for Sonos to look at your network or call them.

What channel is your home wifi router on and what channel is Sonos using?