Re-Connecting Sonos with a new router

  • 24 December 2017
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I have a new modem/router and Sonos stopped working. First it lost access to my itunes library, then it could not handle an update, then I started getting messages that there was no Sonos to connect to, then it asked me to connect a player. Following the 'connect a player' rabbit hole leaves me in a loop, though it does ask me to confirm I am trying to connect my Player (w serial number) when I initiate connection process for the nearest Play5.

My components are all Gen 1 - a Bridge connected to my PC, two Play5s and a Connect for my stereo.

I had tried various configurations of rebooting router, Bridge, PC, players. I then tried Stuart W's prescription of a system re-start (in string under Ken C's similar question) and ... I am back to 'you need to add at least one Sonos player to get the music started'.

If I avoid wasting more time pressing the 'Add a Player' button, and press More Options > About My Sonos System, I get a dialogue box with all details about my Bridge and IP address, so the Bridge is clearly connected to my PC Controller. My PC settings page shows all my other Sonos components as listed devices but also as 'Not connected'.

I have not succumbed to doing a factory reset yet, but it is getting tempting!

Oh wait - now I have the standard controller screen with a warning I need to update for full functionality. Dismissing that to avoid sitting through yet another 5-10 minute attempt to update ending in an error message, I survey my controller screen to see just one of three players is connected. A few minutes later, a second player also appears (but still no music library). I attempted to group the players but that did not work and a few minutes later the 2nd player disappears...Now 15 minutes later and just the 1 player. Curiouser and Curiouser! Checking my PC settings all players are still shown as Not connected. Oh wait - now checking again, my controller screen shows only the second player is connected. There is a radio station in my Sonos Favorites and that works (but nothing else). Uh Oh - now it has stopped working... No back on again, no wait .... 'Connect a player' again.

So - I have been trying to fix this for several days in between work and Xmas shopping and housework. It is Xmas Eve. Sonos store will not be available to assist until at least Wednesday. In fact in Australia the customer support is only really available business hours Mon-Fri, which does not help those of us trying to get their gear to work on weekends. In my experience, while the staff are very helpful, the complexity of fixes guarantees hours of attempts at rebooting and tweaking firewalls.

Maybe someone in the online community can help?

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26 replies

If I were to bet, the issues you're experiencing sound an awful lot like duplicate IP addresses. You haven't been as specific as I'd like about the rebooting process that you've done.

The thing that is most important is that the router is rebooted while all Sonos devices are physically unplugged from power. In my mind, at least, that's the only way that they'll get served new and unique IP addresses, unless you've previously assigned reserved IP addresses to the system components. If so, you might want to let us know.

So, the process I'm recommending is:

1) unplug all Sonos equipment from power, including BRIDGE and CONNECT.
2) Reboot the router. Wait for the router to finish rebooting.
3) Make sure that the BRIDGE is at least a couple of feet away from your router.
4) Connect the BRIDGE to power. Wait at least a minute for it to reboot. Note: Since this device is connected to your router with an ethernet cable (I'm assuming), it really needs to be the first device plugged back in, since it puts all of your devices on SonosNet, which is one key to a solid system.
5) Now that the BRIDGE is back up, plug the power in to one of the PLAY:5s. Wait another minute or so for that to finish booting up.
6) Plug in the other PLAY:5. Again, wait for it to finish booting before moving to
7) Plug in the CONNECT.
😎 Log in to your router, and see what channel it is broadcasting your wifi signal on. If it's on Auto, change it to a specific channel. I'd recommend 1, 6 or 11.
9) open up the Sonos app. Check to see what channel SonosNet is on. Set it to a channel that is not the same as your router. i.e. if the router is on 1, then choose either 6 or 11. You don't want any overlap, since it would generate interference on both sides.
Thanks Bruce
Will try what you suggest. I agree the IP addresses are probably out of whack.

Not sure about how to get onto the Sonosnet settings to check the channel. In the app the only settings info I get concerns date and time ?!

My rebooting was similar to your recommendations, but a couple of differences, and my Bridge is only barely a foot from the router. I have put a longer ethernet cable in and moved it further away now.

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Hi Harmerross - you mention that your Bridge is connected to your PC? Is that right? Is it also wired directly to your router?
Sorry - it is wired directly to the router/modem. There is no wired connection to the PC which is itself wired directly to the modem. Maybe with hew modem we should configure the wiring of the Bridge differently.
The SonosNet channel is located in the controller app under Setting>Advance Settings>SonosNet channel.
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Let me know what solves your problem - I'm having a similar issue. I used a wifi analyzer and switched to channel 11 as it was least used (the router is on 6), and I checked all the IP addresses assigned by the router and there are no duplicates. I've basically done everything airgetlam/Bruce has recommended twice now. I'm also having problems with songs stopping before being done and skipping to the next track when playing from my NAS. All this started within the last two weeks. And I've had the system for many years (I still have two CR100 controllers).
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I am seeing the same thing.
Been seeing it for a couple of weeks as well. Things will work well for a while and then all go bad again.
Appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Just out of curiosity, how are you confirming that there are no duplicates? None of the routers that I've used have been able to identify that issue, since the IP table they show is a single moment in time, and doesn't reflect the number of items that have been connected to an IP address over X time. Do you have a router that shows that kind of data? What kind is it, I'd love to upgrade. Thanks.
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You're correct, it doesn't keep a log, I'm just doing snapshots of points in time. I'm thinking of giving the Sonos units a static IP address and see if that makes a difference. I've only been tracking the IP addresses since Saturday and haven't seen any changes in what's assigned to the Sonos units.
Static IP addresses is an outstanding thing, particularly if you move all Sonos devices out of the normal assigned range. I put all of my devices to start at xx.100, so that there was plenty of floating space below that for my router to hand out to random visitors.

The Sonos devices wouldn’t be changing their IP addresses unless you forced them to.
I am back after being away for a few days. Problems are unresolved. The Service settings option in the app under the Manage tab is not highlighted/accessible, so I do not have access to wifi channel setting (see attached screen shot).

The screen shot shows the situation after powering off the router and the Sonos system, then rebooting the router, then the Bridge, then attempting to connect one of my Play5s. I follow the connect a player steps, and when it asks me to press two buttons on the player simultaneously, I do and the light flashes orange. The app then checks that I want to connect a specific player with a serial number it lists, I confirm, then it says 'connecting', and tries for several minutes, then states it cannot connect and offers for me to try again. The light on the player is stady white during this process.

Periodically, if I have everything switched on my Sonos app shows one or two components as in a system. But if more than one component, I am not able to group them, let alone play anything; then it goes back to telling me to add a player.

The About my Sonos system shows the Bridge is connected and I have its IP address, and it has been consistent through all the rebooting I have done.

My Devices and Printers screen shows the Bridge and Play5 as icons, but both are also shown as not connected. Right clicking on the icons shows they both have the same IP address, and I think that is a problem, I am now in the process of removing them and adding them as devices.
And... I have accessed the wifi settings now, and checked the Sonos channel is different from my wifi channel.
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ok let us know how goes or going!
I have powered up and attempted to connect all Sonos devices ( 1 Bridge, 2 Play5s and 1 Connect). I attempted to updated software, but this failed with info indicating one of my Play5 devices was not connected. My Sonos app showed two of my three play devices on the system, but I was unable to group them or play music through them, and then they disappeared completely. My PC could find the two Play5 devices (I have not added them to the PC though), but not the Bridge or Connect device.

The Sonos app I restarted first showed it cannot detect my system, then it advised I needed at least one player connected to get the music started. Now it is showing two of my three devices in separate groups but I cannot group them or play music through them. And now it is back to telling me I need to connect at least one player to get the music started...
I had tge same problem. Lucliky i had an older router (6 months old) and i set it up using that. Sonos does not work on 4 or 5G. It also does not work with newer routers. If you google the router name and find it"s frequency protocol and sonos..yiu will see. It is 430 am so i dont have the info in front of me..but this is what i matter what you do it will not work...unless sonos has fixed this major flaw (and i am.wrong)..
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I had tge same problem. Lucliky i had an older router (6 months old) and i set it up using that. Sonos does not work on 4 or 5G. It also does not work with newer routers. If you google the router name and find it"s frequency protocol and sonos..yiu will see. It is 430 am so i dont have the info in front of me..but this is what i matter what you do it will not work...unless sonos has fixed this major flaw (and i am.wrong)..

You are

Wrong that is.

Sonos works perfectly well on modern routers.

Sonos connects to the 2.4 GHz band (It does use 5 GHz to connect the surrounds to Playbar/Playbase but apart from that Sonos cannot connect to a 5 GHz network)
Stuart - I may be wrong but it still did not work. Clearly it is an issue. I found the issue to be the protocol was 802.11ac on the newer router - my old router was 802.11b. And it only works on the 2.4G channel. That being said, I found this post below. My point here is that it should be a plug and play situation - it ain't. Not even close on the newer routers. Anyway - mine works just fine on older router on 2.4G and my networks and OnHub are all 5G super fast.

"Sonos compatriots,

I set up a lot of Sonos systems for my clients and want to maximize their WiFi speed as well as provide for a reliable Sonos System operation.

I always make sure the WiFi is operating in channels that don't interfere with the Sonos. So... typically with 802.11ac WiFi networks, I will setup the Sonos on SonosNet channel 11 (aka NOT using WiFi at all), and set the WiFi on channel 1 Wide-channel (20/40Mhz on the 2.4GHz band) and channel 153 (20/40/80Mhz on the 5GHz band).

With this setup, I am confident that in the 2.4GHz I have minimized the chance of interference between the Sonos and WiFi, but on the 5GHz band, I don't know what frequencies SonosNet operates in. So..., when I have a "bonded" system setup with a Playbar and Sub/surrounds, what actual frequencies does SonosNet use? I am interested in the best possible WiFi speed and the least inteference and what frequencies to set the WiFi to operate in.


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Sonos has never worked with the 5 GHz band on older nor newer routers.
Thanks for the comments JohnnyTPA and Stuart_W. I have given up for a while. I do not have free time enough to spend hours after hours on it, so I have been on plan B for music for a while. JohnnyTPA - you are right, it should be plug and play, not pin the tale on the fine details of how a router interacts with the Sonos system. Maybe I should find a Sonos expert to come to my house and figure it out for me, then at least I can get some joy out of my system.
Not sure what all my problem is - but I have a new Mac and have moved and now my system will not work at all - I have tirelessly tried and tried again to get it to work-
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Did your router change? If so start here: