Rattle noise inside Sonos Beam housing

I just picked up the Sonos Beam as my first Sonos device. All seems alright except for a very distinct rattle noise inside the Sonos Beam on the right hand side when facing the soundbar.

The rattle noise seems only to be present at certain bass frequencies, around 60hz. It's audible at 20%+ volume. It's particularly audible when watching movies such as Interstellar when the soundtrack is all space-shipy.

The funny thing is, I already took it back to the Sonos distributor and got a replacement. The exact same issue is present in the new one I took home. Same rattling noise in the right hand side of the soundbar.

I already checked whether this was caused by a loose/vibrating wall mount. I removed the Beam from the wall mount, and the rattle was still there. However, when I press firmly down on the Beam, the rattle stops; when I release, the rattle returns. I'm suspecting that something is not right with the housing.

I'm probably returning this to the store - again. But I'm curious to hear if anyone has experienced something similar with the Sonos Beam?


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Im having the exact same issue and this is also my first sonos product. Debating swapping it out, but from your experience you're having the same issue with the replacement? Might try swapping it out once again, but if I get the same problem I would consider changing it for a bose soundbar.

Id be interested to know what you ended up doing?

If you have the possibility to swap it for another Beam, try that first. It's a lovely soundbar.

I did not resolve the issue directly. I could not locate the problem with the Beam, and the issue itself was only present during tracks where certain low frequencies were hit.

I suspect that it is simply the internal subwoofer on the Beam that is causing this issue due to its inability to hit certain low frequencies.

What helped me in an indirect way was to add a Sonos Sub to my setup, as this allows the Beam to focus on the higher frequencies which it is well capable of. Basically adding a separate subwoofer off-loads the Beam (and any other stereo speakers in the setup), allowing the Beam to play brighter/tighter, while the Sub almost handles all the the bass frequencies. The rattle noise then didn't appear again.

I know - this is a rather poor fix (it'll literally leave you poor as the Sub is hella expensive). But, as I see it, I would not have the Sonos Beam without adding a subwoofer to support it. The Beam simply does not have enough (Sub)bass output for a fully immersive sound experience.

If you don't see yourself investing in a subwoofer anytime soon, go for a larger playbar that has more and better internal woofers. I'm not familiar with the Bose soundbar, so I can't say if that's the better solution. The Sonos Playbar does, however, have some nice internal and adjustable woofers. My one friend has the Playbar, and it matches a Beam + Sub combo for most movie entertainment, but lacks in the music department - in my opinion.

I hope this helps. If not, ask away.
Thanks for the quick response Martin.

I don't think the capability of the speakers is the problem, its more so the fit and finish of the beam housing as its vibrating at certain bass frequencies.

I've not been pushing the beam either, at least not to the top of its limits, as I live in terrace housing and dont want to upset the neighbours.

Pushing down on the bar does stop the rattle, as you mentioned in your original message, although this can have varying levels of success.

I appreciate the advice regarding the sub, but even at moderate volumes with woofers barely ticking over its still buzzing, so again I dont think the performance of the woofers is the issue. Also the cost of the sub is eye watering as you mentioned. I would be interested to know your thoughts on the sub though?

I think I will swap it out for another one as you suggest, as I really like the product in spite of this issue, but if it happens again (as it has to you) il have to consider my options.

Thanks again for your response.
Hi Greg,

I'm happy to reply!

You are probably right - the problem shouldn't be the capability of the speaker. Faulty housing does sound more likely, and the speaker really should be able to perform without problem.

When I contacted Sonos about it, and asked if they were aware of the issue, I didn't really get a proper response. I think I only found one other post in here about it, also with no clear response from Sonos. This could indicate that it's not a widespread problem, and that we're both unlucky customers. Let's hope for that, and that it's not instead a common and ignored issue with the Beam.

I hope you have better luck with your Beam than I had.

Regarding the Sub: I just got it yesterday, so still trying out different settings. But I'm very happy about it. It simply gives so much more depth and warmth to the sound. It finally feels like the system is complete. It honestly makes the other speakers shine so much more.

I have mine placed on the right-hand side of my couch, as well as two Sonos One's in rear stereo, which seems ok in terms of not being able to locate the position of the Sub. It gives a nice rumbling in the room. I'm excited to see if my downstairs neighbors will have any complaints over time.

Let me know if you want any other details.
Thanks Martin, lets hope another beam fixes the issue 👍

I had exactly the problem mentioned in the first post.  I squeezed the beam on the right hand side top and bottom and heard a click from the housing.  No more low frequency distortion.  Must have been some problems with assembly of the beam and vibration.  So much happier with my beam now!