Random email appears to now own my Sonos system via the iOS app - account OK in browser but no way to link the 2 - ?

  • 25 August 2017
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Seems to be a few of these cases floating around the community, I've tried all the suggestions but no joy yet! I keep getting shunted back to this error message telling me I must link my system units to the account used to set up my system, which is some random hotmail account I've never seen before. My account is all present and correct but I can't find a way to get out of this error message loop that keeps showing on my iphone controller and desktop app.

Others seem to have options for changing account registration, but I don't get that option in my app's Help menu. I just keep getting looped back to this screen and prompted to use the random hotmail address that I have no relationship to.

Any idears? Thanks people!!

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13 replies

Have you gone through the information on this FAQ?
Thanks for your response! Yes, I've been through this FAQ and sadly the entry that should be applicable to my case -

"I don’t recognize the email that is displayed. Can I change the email?
Yes. If someone else installed your Sonos system, it may be registered to their email address. You can change the email by tapping on “I don’t have access to this email.” This will allow you to enter in a new email address that you have access to. Your Sonos products will be registered to the new email that you’ve entered."

...doesn't work with my desktop controller or iphone app because the options mentioned in the FAQ (ie, tapping on “I don’t have access to this email.”) do not appear as options for me. I hesitate to say I've tried everything... but I actually think I've tried everything! Any other ideas? Thanks!
Have you tried here on the website? I've never done this process myself, but I'd think you can do it here. If not, I'd send a PM to one of the board mods asking for help. There's liable to be some data involved that you'd rather not be public here on the boards.
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Hi kirknesskaren, from the pictured screen, can you press Cancel and see if "More Options" or "Continue Using" are available? If they are, hit that and then go to Advanced Settings > Music Sources then Control Sonos from Spotify and following the on-screen prompts.

You may need to do this from a mobile controller if the Mac isn't showing the options.

From that Control Sonos from Spotify menu, you should be able to choose that you don't have access to that email.

Let us know how it goes.
Hi Ryan, thanks so much for your suggestions. I've just tried this procedure on both the desktop controller and the phone app - I can "continue using controller" and play spotify through the system, but there's no option to Control Sonos from Spotify on either platform, and in all my hours hunting I've never seen an option to choose that I don't have access to the associated email account. Any other ideas? Thank you! Karen
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Could you submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number?

Do your Sonos players show up in your Spotify app? If so, then it's expected that you can't see that "Control Sonos from Spotify" option, instead, go to Settings > System Registration.
Hi Ryan, I have resent the Diagnostics with confirmation number 7789498. I have no options for Settings > System Registration on either the desktop controller or the app.

All of these keep routing me back to submitting a Diagnostic, or to the screen requiring me to enter the random Hotmail address. Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for the screenshots and the diagnostic. To start with, let's unplug the power from the PLAY:3 called Den for the moment. That was your only player registered differently. Once that's done, quit the software, and reopen it after a few minutes. Then, from the mobile controller can you check if you can tap Settings > My Sonos Account and then choose that you don't have access to the account?
Hi Ryan,

I seem to have exactly the same problem - can you help me too please? I've submitted diagnostcs 7895019
I have the same problem.. Help thanks
I've submitted diagnostics # 8229875
I unplugged older units and now i can find " don't have access to the account", I'm all set !! thanks
I managed to solve this by deleting the app on my Android phone then reinstalling. This forced the app to go looking for the system and it then asked me to link it to my account. The big change was this this time I had the option to change accounts!!! Hope this helps.