Radio Streaming Problem

  • 14 January 2020
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This report pertains to diagnostic number 1077680334.


When streaming from TuneIn Radio, the stream stops playing intermittently and eventually restarts. Playing the same stream on my iPhone is uninterupted.

14 replies


Hello Sonos - still waiting for help. New diagnostic number 876298267.



If the streaming radio station is working fine via iPhone (presumably connected to the local WiFi) and is not working well between the station and the Sonos device, that infers that the issue is with the communication to the Sonos speaker over the LAN segment. Perhaps see if the following helps to resolve the matter:


It’s  possibly a weak WiFi signal, or wireless interference around your Sonos device. Maybe try a different ‘fixed’ non-overlapping 2.4ghz WiFi channel on your router (either channel 1, 6 or 11).


If you have no joy with that simple WiFi channel change, then perhaps consider the following…

Try a SonosNet Connection instead (if not using already). See this…


Cable a single Sonos device to your router (if practicable) and move all your Sonos products over to a SonosNet connection.

If you do decide to opt for SonosNet, which I would personally recommend, then also do these additional steps:

  1. Set the SonosNet channel in “Settings/System/Network” of the Sonos App so that it is at least 5 channels away from your chosen router 2.4ghz channel.
  2. Remove/reset the WiFi credentials in the Sonos App “SettingsSystem/Network/Wireless Setup”. These are not needed when running the devices on SonosNet. (This step is optional, if running Sonos Software v11.0 or higher).

Hopefully that will then resolve your streaming radio service dropout issues.



Thank you for the reply.

  • I have 1x Play:5 connected to my router via ethernet, and 2x One’s connected wirelessly.
  • I have SonosNet set up to Channel 1.
  • My 2.4Ghz Wifi is on channel 9. 
  • Radio streaming is uninterrupted on my iPhone using TuneIn app.
  • Both wired and wireless speaker suffers intermittent playback issue, but the wireless speakers exhibit more problems and the stream often stops completely.
  • Both TuneIn Radio and myTuner Radio behaves the same way
  • Apple Music works without any disconnection whatsoever.


Channel 9 is an overlapping channel on your router, so it might just be worth trying channel 11 instead, perhaps?.. The other thing is to maybe have a read through this Sonos Support page (LINK) to see if that may assist … and just ensure your Play:5 is well away from the main router too.

Hope you manage to get the matter resolved.👍


Thank you for the prompt reply and useful feedback Ken_Griffiths.

My Play:5 is immediately adjacent to my wireless router, so that could very well be the issue.

So if I understand correctly, only channels 1, 6 and 11 are not overlapping, so for best results, I should set my wifi network to one of these, and the SonosNet to another?



Yes, use any of those three channels for both, keeping them different of course between SonosNet and the router. So router can be 11 for example and SonosNet can be either 1 or 6… or however you want to try them.


...and try to have at least 3-4 feet distance between your router and the cabled speaker, if that’s practicable ... the further away, the better.

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Sonos tries to keep up with posts here, they have even added staff recently but the forum doesn’t do much to help them find stuff. If you post and don’t get an answer from Staff possibly using one of the direct contact methods would help, some are 24x7 operations.

Users can’t see your diagnostics.

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Hello @davidlightsa, welcome to the Sonos Community.

We’re sorry about the delay in responding to your request for assistance. Thank you @Stanley_4 & @Ken_Griffiths for pitching in.

I have a couple of questions about your system that hopefully will help us understand what is happening with your playback.

Can you confirm that your Play: 5 is wired directly to a Ubiquiti router or do you have a network switch at play in your set-up?

How far away from each other are your three Sonos speakers from each other? Are they located on or near anything metal or electronic that could cause physical or wireless interference in your network.

The communication between your Sonos system and your router seem to really be struggling and I’m willing to bet that if we can resolve this your radio services playback will improve. 





Hi Jean C, referring to post also.


  1. Yes, my Play:5 is wired directly to a Ubiquiti Amplifi Router.
  2. I use the network switch integrated in the Ubiquiti Router only.
  3. I use an Amplifi Mesh Wireless network. The second level ‘mesh’ has an ethernet backbone to my primary router which is adjacent to the Play:5.
  4. The 2x Sonos One Speakers are one level above the Play:5. One is my office, the other in my bedroom. Both exhibit similar playback problems on streaming radio only. Apple Music streams without any problems.

I’m obviously missing something, but it seems that Sonos doesn’t stream over the Wifi network, instead, it creates its own wifi network?



Sonos devices use mDNS for communication across the network and I have found this link online that relates to the Ubiquity Wifi System, which maybe worth a read…

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Thank you @davidlightsa for the details. 

When you have any Sonos player wired into the network, it will begin broadcasting its own mesh network called Sonosnet.

When the players are wired it’s preferable to wire the Sonos player directly to the main router whenever possible rather than to any secondary routers or switches. 

It is odd that Apple Music is working flawlessly while streaming radio is struggling but I agree with @Adam S that there is significant interference in your system that would be contributing to this playback issue.

Since most of your neighboring networks are on channel 1, you may want to change your Sonosnet channel to 6 and physically change the Ethernet cable that the Play:5 is wired with. 



Thanks for the detailed reply Jean C.

How do you ascertain the channel number of neighbouring networks? Sadly I live in a densely congested area, so there are bound to be loads of wireless networks all around.

Would it be better to run all the speakers on ethernet assuming they all connect to the same switch?

I understand most of what you’re saying here, except not clean what you mean by “physically change the Ethernet cable that the Play:5 is wired with.” Remove the cable so this speaker works wirelessly, or change the cable to rule out a problem with cable?


Since he said ‘change’ and not ‘remove’, I think he’s trying to rule out an issue with the cable.

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Hello @davidlightsa,

Diagnostic reports are able to show some information about general network congestion. 

If you are using a Mac, you should be able to get a similar network scan by clicking the “WiFi” icon in the top edge of your screen.

From there Open Wireless Diagnostics> Utilities> WiFi Scan should be a tab that you can open and select “Scan Now”.

This should show you the local network environment.

You may also want to actually change, as @Airgetlam  clarifies, the Ethernet cable to rule out a faulty cord since I am also seeing that flag in your diagnostics.