radio station does not play

  • 26 July 2021
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I manually added the radio station by pasting the following URL to the field in the Sonos app:
After successfully adding the radio station I received a message that the song cannot be played because it is not encoded correctly.

please advise


Best answer by controlav 27 July 2021, 02:14

The streaming url from that page is this:


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3 replies

That link you posted is a web link, not a stream link, so nothing would play on Sonos, since it is looking for a stream to play. 

I’m not currently on a device that can look at the embedded web page data, but if you can find the actual stream link and put that in to the Sonos, it should work, assuming it’s not a flash stream, which it doesn’t appear to be. 

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The streaming url from that page is this:



Thanks alot, it is working, appreciate your help