question/problem with sonos’ roam chargers

  • 28 June 2021
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just wondering if it’s common to have to reset my roam speakers in order to get the charging dock to work? Mind you it has only happened once and probably never again (hoping). 

I just added a Sonos white charging dock/pad/magnetic flat thing with a cable to my white roam. The black roam had its dock from the beginning and no problems at all but both roams and chargers decided to just come to the conclusion to stop charging from the dock. USB C charging worked fine. 

so my first instinct was to come here and complain that my stuff is broken I need to return blah blah blah. 

ok white roam still won’t charge with the dock, it’ll light up orange and then fade away, the app shows a quick charge and then not charging, USB c still works.


Diagnostic number 760738273

Black one also quit charging from the dock too lol, both are now USB C connected


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3 replies

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Hi @Guiary 

Thanks for your post!

At the time of the diagnostic, both your Roams were reporting battery temperatures of 46°C. At this temperature they will not charge (via USB or wireless), but when the temperature falls a couple of degrees they will start charging again. 

I presume this is why they weren’t charging, and that the batteries had cooled down somewhat by the time you connected via USB.

However, it’s possible something else is happening. Battery charging is handled by software so you may be able to resolve this by rebooting the Roams. Please hold the power button for 12 seconds to force a reboot of the Roams, and test charging afterwards.

I hope this helps.

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Helps tremendously!

I was kinda curious if that was the case, we’re having a nice heat wave and no ac lol. After I wrote this I had a look at the operating temperature and kinda thought that might be the problem. Having the confirmation helps a lot! 

Thanks again!

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You’re very welcome, @Guiary!