Question about new wifi mesh routers and Sonos

  • 16 January 2017
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I have been thinking about picking up a new router such as the Linksys Velop, Luma, Eero, Orbi, or Google Wifi. I was curious is this could potentially cause issues with my Sonos speakers? I am currently running in standard mode as my router is at the back top of a closet.

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37 replies

Thank you for that information.
Thank you!
Thank you!Hi Kumar, Bruce,

It appears to me that the Boost clearly does a better job building and maintaining the mesh network connectivity

A simple thank you isn't getting past moderation, so once again, thank you!
On SHARKB8T's matrices:

BOOST2 is doing nothing useful for the mesh in either.

The 'Undefined' item in the second matrix is the powered off BOOST.

The different signal strengths to the Kitchen root bridge in the second matrix most probably reflect the PLAY:1s position, not the fact that it isn't a BOOST. In my experience BOOST doesn't increase signal figures significantly, but it can improve noise tolerance.

The red item (Jamie's Office LR) is a surround speaker on 5GHz. The nearby router could be very loud and/or using a wide N channel.

As a general point, yellow signal strengths are 'satisfactory'. Nothing to worry about there at all. SonosNet will tolerate signal strengths in the low-mid 20s -- firmly in the amber region -- before it will look for an alternative, multi-hop, path.
Following up on my earlier question - I turned off the wireless function on the cable modem and rebooted everything and all seems well now (boost wired to the amplifi base). Now I need to deal with NAS (Buffalo LinkStation). IP address is the same and my "NASNavigator" recognizes the drive but Sonos won't nor can I log into the NAS drive as an admin.
Your sonos system won’t work with a mesh wifi setup, also you can’t do a factory reset on it and to top it all off you can’t airplay to it to use third party apps. Utterly useless!
Your sonos system won’t work with a mesh wifi setup, also you can’t do a factory reset on it and to top it all off you can’t airplay to it to use third party apps. Utterly useless!

#1 Sonos systems most certainly can work with a mesh WiFi setup. In fact, Sonos was a mesh WiFi setup before there were any mesh WiFi routers on the market!

#2 Factory reset:

#3 Airplay 2 coming soon:

Apple AirPlay 2 Coming in 2018

Sonos also announced that it will begin supporting Apple’s AirPlay 2 in 2018, making it possible to play any sound from an iOS device – including YouTube videos and Netflix movies – on Sonos speakers throughout the house. Owners will also be able to ask any Siri-enabled device to control music on Sonos speakers
What is with this forum!? I cant even access it from my phone it just says “not supported on this device” and on my ipad it doesnt show replies??
Works fine from my mobile devices.
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ummmm Hi @pxlkid1,

Aside from reviving a 1 year old thread for no relevant purpose... I'm not sure why you bothered to then post incorrect information.

Indeed you will find numerous people posting on this site indicating they have Sonos systems working with Mesh Wifi setups; and they can be "Factory Reset". (although this is not often useful in troubleshooting so is not typically recommended) See:

The airplay debate isn't worth the time given how poor the 1.0 protocol is and newest generation Sonos products will be working with AirPlay2.0 when it is released it seems (at least the One, Play 5 Gen 2 and PlayBase).

soooo your point in coming to a community site to trash a quality product with misinformation is what exactly?
Literally all I get on the forum no matter what button I press, is this

Consider it a blessing. Your first posts haven't really added much in the way of truth, or congeniality.