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  • 26 September 2017
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I believe there may be a bit of a wireless interference issue, but I wanted to ask a few questions before I address it.

I have a playbar setup in the living room, some other zones, and a CONNECT:AMP powering some outdoor speakers. The setup has no issue at all when playing music in any zone and any group combinations. The playbar plays tv audio without issue.

Where I run into issues, is when I want to group the outdoor zone and living room zone to play tv audio. Living room audio is still good, but the outdoor zone cuts in and out. I honestly done much testing playing tv audio in the other zones. As well, I don't recall having issues with this until recently, though I don't know that I've used it this way too much.

I suspect wireless interference because I have installed a new router recently, as well as some wireless cameras. The amp is the farthest away from the BOOST. Still I would expect the interference to occur for all sources, not just tv. Then again, perhaps other sources can buffer better, while the line in source really cannot. Not sure. It's also a little strange as I have BOOST, wireless base station for cameras, and a couple smart hubs all in the same shelf on a closet...and they don't seem to bother each other.

So I could mess with the router and boost setting as sonos recommends. I could also look into hardwiring the amp directly to the router (not really a problem), but I didn't want to do that if this sounds like a different issue. Networking issues are not my cup of tea.

Is this something that would show up on a diagnostic?

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5 replies

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Hi, melvimbe:

Just as you suspect, when you experience audio drop outs, more often than not - it has something to do with wireless interference. In the situation you described, you hit the nail on the head again with buffering of line-in. While using other sources, the audio signal and the command is given from Sonos. When using Line-In, Sonos has to "keep up" since the signal is being fed to it. This removes any possible buffering that Sonos had been using to remedy spotty connection. In this instance, a diagnostic report will show us how each unit is communicating and any error rates. This is super helpful information when trying to pin down wireless interference. Some customers also have used other mobile-based network analyzer tools to look up wireless signals near them and how to avoid interference which should also prove helpful.

My recommendation: Sounds like interference. Send us a diagnostic and we'd be happy to take a closer look and give some direction.
I am having this same problem. It is so annoying.
Did you read the recommendation in the previous post?

Submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this issue, and call in to Sonos to discuss it.

Unless they have more information, it's really hard for them to help you.
I’ve done it. They don’t help me. I guess their product can’t handle nyc apartments because of the interference. But yea it’s weird, any direct streaming of music—no problem. Then the TV—cuts in and out. It makes me mad.
I'd still be posting a diagnostic here. It's always possible that the first phone call was taken by someone who wasn't fully trained, or general, most people's experience with them has been extremely good, from what I've read here, but I'm sure that some of them have bad days, or just don't comprehend the issue. It's possible that your issue might need to be escalated to another tier of support.

Don't just give up and be annoyed. Put a little effort into letting them help you, and I think you'll end up being much happier.

Caveat: I don't live in a downtown situation, and I'm sure that there are some unique issues around having so many wifi signals in a close proximity. I've heard that a BOOST has better interference rejection capabilities, but I don't know that for a fact, but might be worth looking in to.