Problems with SONOS when using a Telstra Gen 2 Smart Modem

  • 12 February 2020
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Hi all.

I recently had problems with my Telstra modem resulting in Telstra replacing it with one of their Gen 2 Smart modems.

Since getting the new modem I have experienced constant problems with my SONOS system.  

When trying to access my SONOS system with the app I get often get error messages saying it is unable to connect.  If it does connect it will only display some of the rooms or some of my music options, such as no TV or radio stations (even if the radio is playing through the speakers.

Have logged two jobs with SONOS to get help with this.  First time I was told that the cause was my bridge because it didn’t have a light on it (I did try to convince the person on the other end that, using the settings, I had turned the light off.  The second time I was told I need to contact Telstra.  Not being very technically minded I don’t understand how Telstra can fix a problem with my SONOS.  The modem seems to be working fine for everything else.

Hard wiring the speakers to the modem isn’t an option, hence purchasing a WIFI speaker system.  

I have a boost, 3 x play 1’s, 2 x play 5’s, 1 playbase and a Sub in the system.

Appreciate any advice / support with this.  (please remember I am not an IT guru)

7 replies

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Hi there @Nigel Dee are you able to  submit a diagnostic report from your system or include a confirmation number from any earlier troubleshooting attempts?  

I do see some reports from your system sent back in January but these files are corrupt and I’m not able to pull any useful data from them. 

Can you verify that you Boost is wired to a LAN port on your new router?

If you unplug it (Boost) from power and plug it back in, does the light briefly flash white before going out?  

Hi @Jean C. 

Appreciate the response.

I have logged into SONOS on my laptop and submitted a diagnostic report.  The confirmation number is: 425696633.

The case numbers for my previous calls to Sonos support are:

Case #: 01362345, and

Case #: 01448546

My boost is wired directly into the Telstra Gen 2 Smart Modem. 

When turning the boost on, I get a solid white light for a short period, the light then flashes for a short period, before remaining on as a solid white light. 

On my first call to Sonos support, the white light was turning off, after completing its cycle of blinking.  The technician said that because the light was turning off indicated the boost was broken, and therefore the cause of my problems. I wasn’t able to convince him that the reason it was turning off was because I had turned it off via the boost settings in my app (the light was quite bright in the study of a night). 

Prior to making the second call to Sonos support, I turned the light back on.  Hopefully that makes sense.

Once again, I really appreciate any support / advice you can provide with this as it is getting a bit frustrating.

Kind regards


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Thank you for your patience @Nigel Dee, I apologize that previous troubleshooting with us hasn’t resolved your ongoing issue (I assure you that you can turn the status light back off, just remember that you disabled it).

 I’m taking a look at the diagnostic report that you have sent over and have  a few quick thoughts.

First thing I would suggest is changing the Sonosnet channel to 1 from 6, but we will need to connect with a mobile phone app or tablet to make that change. 

Are you able to connect to your system at all from a mobile app?

If not, can you follow these steps to submit a “System not found diagnostic.”

If your mobile app is “searching for Sonos on your Wi-Fi” select “This isn’t Working” if it fails to connect (This isn’t Working> More Options > Submit Support Diagnostic).

If you are able to connect to your system, please submit a diagnostic from the help menu. 

Either way, include the confirmation number so that I can compare the two. 

If you are using an iPhone please make sure that “Location Services” have been enabled for the Sonos app in the iOS privacy settings.        



Thanks again @Jean C.  Appreciated.

I was able to access Sonos from my Samsung Tablet.  The confirmation number is 1629354563.

We used to access the app via our Samsung phones, tablets and laptop.  Access is now temperamental across all these devices. 

Thanks again for your advice and support.



Hi again @Jean C. 

I did a bit of a search through the forum and found the following discussion


Upgraded WiFi router, now need to restart speakers every time to use the system


This guy has the same modem as myself and also seems to have had the same problem.  Come to think of it, on both occasions when I contacted Sonos support they had me turning all speakers off then on again, etc.  The system would appear to be working, then after a few hours it couldn't connect again.

For what its worth, I also seem to constantly have a notification on the phone saying

Stopping the service may affect Sonos homescreen.


Hopefully this additional information is off some use.

kind regards


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Thanks for the additional information and the diagnostic reports, @Nigel Dee .

Usually when there are ongoing connection issues like this, it’s a matter of zeroing in on something in the network configuration that is hanging us up.

The diagnostic report you submitted from your mobile device came back as corrupt/incomplete, which is indicative of network issues.

I have a (handful) of questions that I hope will help sort this out.  

  • Is your Boost wired directly into the main router? What is the Play: 1/Study wired into?  Are they wired to the same device?
  • Are there additional access points, extenders or switches in your new network set-up?   
  • What version of Android is the Samsung running? Do you get that same pop-up on all of your mobile controllers?
  • Do you have multiple Wi-Fi networks broadcasting in your new set-up?
  • Are you able to reliably connect to your system on the laptop and is your laptop wired to your router or to a network switch?

It seems like there are multiple issues occurring simultaneously that are adversely effecting your Sonos connection.  


How did this issue get resolved? I have a similar problem .