Problems with SONOS and Google Wifi

  • 15 October 2017
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Help! I've been running 2x Play 1's, a Connect, a Play 5 (Gen 1) and Play 3 for years with no issues - until now. We moved into a new home and the WiFi wasn't great, switching to a Google WiFi setup with 3 hubs solved the WiFi problems on everything, BUT SONOS.

I reset all speakers and controllers. I am able to install "parts" of the SONOS system from some devices, but then cannot see them on others, etc. The home has Cat5 cable and I've even tried connecting speakers directly to the primary router. I've wasted hours on this now... Please help.

Best answer by eyedocdrummer 9 November 2017, 15:54

By running the ethernet cable directly from the modem through the Connect prior to my main switch fixed the problem. Thanks for the response!
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Hello there, eyedocdrummer. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. In most cases where mesh networks like Google WiFi are introduced, it is best to switch from a Standard wireless setup to a BOOST setup. This allows for you to get the benefits of having the mesh network while allowing Sonos to continue to work on its own separate network. Here is more information on the difference between setups.

That being said, when you have devices plugged directly into the main routing unit, please submit a diagnostic report and reply with the confirmation number it gives at the end. I'll be happy to take a closer look.
By running the ethernet cable directly from the modem through the Connect prior to my main switch fixed the problem. Thanks for the response!
Hi all

So just wanted to share my specific setup in case anyone else had the same setup and issues :

Ground flr Play5
First flr Play5 and Play1
Second flr Playbar, Sub, Play1x2 (home theatre)

Prior to installing Google Wifi (GWF) everything was working fine via the Sonos standard (wifi only) mesh. After installing GWF heres the solution that worked for me :

Ground flr Play5 plugged via ethernet into GWF main hub that is connected to modem (did not work plugging any of the other sonos into any of the other GWF hubs)

First flr units remained the same (just power on and off to reset sonos mesh)

Second flr Playbar did not show up at first on the GWF app (while other units did show up as connected) and thus entire home theatre was down. So i connected the playbar via ethernet to the GWF hub on the second flr and voila. Everything is connected now.

Dont forget to power down and up all the units.
Will this also be the case in connecting my SONOS bridge directly into the Google Wifi "assigned" router? I own a SONOS bridge currently that I hook up to an ASUS router... I am considering bagging the ASUS and going with a 3 unit Google Wifi system where one is designated as the router and I'll connect the bridge with an ethernet cable to it as I do teh ASUS today. Can someone give me assures that that the Google Wifi System will work well with my SONOS system: bridge, Play 5; 2 AMP and Connect units... ???