Problems with Sonos and BT Homehub 5

Anybody else getting problems with Sonos and BT Homehub 5. I am soooo fedup with this product and its intermittent faults of rooms dropping and not being able to play when you want it without rebooting the router.

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BT Homehub's seem to always have quirks.

Are you using Sonosnet (one device hooked to router) or wifi only?

Is it a set channel or does the homehub scan and adjust (I would set manual channel)

Do you have static IP addresses setup in the Homehub for your Sonos devices?
HH5 was not good. HH6 is better, but still isn't perfect.

In your other post -- which awoke an ancient, now irrelevant, thread from the dead -- you complained of Sonos not providing a solution which works with extenders. Sonos don't support extenders. They can cause nothing but trouble.

In fact I see that you've been opening threads about extenders for some months.
Thank you for the information re HH5 and HH6. I fail to see the relevance of you observation re extenders and it is hardly irrelevant if you have spent thousands of pounds on a premium product that can only operate within the vicinity of a network assuming no obstructions to signal I would suggest.
Hi Chris many thanks. I use wifi only. I have changed the channel of the Sonos I will see if that helps. I have set the channel on the HH5 perhaps this coud be changed. Yes the IP address is static as it does not work with the VPN on the paltop or android if switched on. Many thanks for the suggestions
However you may feel, the fact remains that extenders are often a cause of problems. Unless they are band-shifting ('Fast Lane' etc) type extenders they halve the channel bandwidth because they must repeat each packet. But more significantly for a system such as Sonos which relies so heavily on local communications, they often mangle the MAC addresses of attached client devices, substituting a virtual MAC instead. This can easily lead to addressing failures.

Sonos have perfectly viable solutions for larger dwellings:
- the extensible BOOST/SonosNet mesh mode, where at least one Sonos component is wired to the network
- use of multiple access points, if the user chooses to stay with Standard/WiFi setup

In the latter case the APs are preferably wired, but Sonos will generally also work with meshed WiFi points which use a different wireless channel for backhaul.
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Get a decent router. No router with the name "BTHub" has ever been called decent, by anyone, ever. (Yes, i am bitter and twisted about this matter). You spent thousands on Sonos gear yet are using a crap router: buy a decent one. Will help with all your networked devices.
No router with the name "BTHub" has ever been called decent, by anyone, ever.
A sweeping generalisation. UK is not as badly served by ISPs as some might think. Google 'bt smarthub review' for some pretty positive observations.

Simply chucking out a Hub5/Hub6 and replacing it with another VDSL2 box requires a small amount of forethought if one also subscribes to the BT/YouView/IPTV offering.
I had non stop problems over the years with my Sonos gear and the BTHub5. Has one device which refused to connect to the network and in the end I had to hardwire it, loss of signal to devices etc. Since changing supliiers and hub, all my kit is now running on the WiFi without dropouts and I've even managed to remove any range extenders I had in the house.
I'm not going to bang the drum on behalf of BT. The Hub5 had indifferent wireless range, and was not particularly stable. Hub6 has much better range and speed, though occasionally seems overwhelmed by too many wireless clients and reboots itself.

I've never asked the Hub(s) to support more than a small Sonos household in WiFi/Station mode.
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i am on BT aswell. BT home hub 6 or smart hub has a lot of issues as we have a lot of devices. yes bt hub crashes a lot. Good for small homes with few devices not good for large homes with lots of devices . we switched to TP-Link Archer VR2800 no issues with sonos one now
we switched to TP-Link Archer VR2800 no issues with sonos one now
Are you running YouView as well?
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no we use sky Q tv box for are tv service. is Youview connected to the router directly? if so then it will still work . very easy to setup use and bt as the password on the new router and router will do the rest of the settings for you