Problems with new Boost and Sonos 2 app

  • 11 August 2020
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Hi, I have had no end of problems since I plugged my new Boost in this morning.


I have a Playbar with Bridge and an IKEA Sonos speaker both of which were fantastic with the S1 app which did an update and stopped working. 

The new S2 app drops in and out all the time so I updated the Bridge to a Boost and now the whole lot won’t work.  I followed instructions to the letter for install and have even tried plugging the playbar directly into the modem as the app directed at one stage so that it could find my speakers - still nothing registered.  Finally the S2 app tells me that it has found my two speakers and a Boost that is not connected.  

Now the S2 app I always use has kicked me out and says to sign back in but won’t accept my password.  I have signed into another app on a different phone which shows up with just the IKEA speaker plus I am currently signed into the forum with the same password that won’t let me sign into the app on my phone!!!

HELP! What is going on?

1 reply

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Hi @gardener456, welcome to the community, and thank you for reaching out.

I understand that the issue has cost you your time and energy to troubleshoot and I’ll be happy to investigate what’s happening to your system.

Please take a diagnostic from the Sonos app and reply with the confirmation. Setting > Help & Tips > Submit Diagnostic.

This lets us take a look at the Sonos system and the errors that are occurring.

I would like to know the network setup as well. I’ll need to check the network devices by cross-referencing them with our resources for known issues.

I’ll need the model of the devices and how they’re connected.

This is to cover all things that we need to check first before troubleshooting.

If you have other concerns as well, feel free to reach out.