Problems with "Likes" from Soundcloud

  • 25 September 2015
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This is my first post on here, so sorry if I'm posting it in the wrong section.

So.... On my Soundcloud account I have most of my music saved as "Likes" and not put in any playlists.

When I connect my Soundcloud user to Sonos I am able to browse through my "Likes", but only the most recent ones show up.
Right now this means 5 old song will disappear from Soundcloud "likes" in the Sonos controller if I like 5 new songs on Soundcloud.
Is this just a limit or is it a bug? I have hundreds of songs "liked" on Soundcloud and I want to see this list in full via Sonos Controller.

Anybody know if I will be able to see all songs via Sonos Controller if I put all my liked songs into a playlist, or is there a limit in general?
I don't want to save hundreds of songs to a playlist on Soundcloud just to check if it works, if someone on here knows the answer already (since this will take alot of time)

Thanks in advance 🙂

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30 replies

Hello, is there no solution? What a lousy service 😞
I also have the same problem missing tracks and playlists.
Can wr get for Sonos a due date for the resolution on his matter.
I have this issue after the latest update. Previously could see my Soundcloud likes but now they won't appear. Same issue on both my work and home Sonos:?
The same for me: Sonos shows only 291 liked tracks from Soundcloud but I have 592! Tested on both apps (MacOS client, iOS client).
I've sent diagnostics, my confirmation number is 134421784
Can you simplify your service? It seems you give individual support to repeating problems. It's really confusing. The sound is great but the sonos app doesn't even keep my playlist and even stops playing sometimes. As if there are bugs in the program. I mean how can each update bring worse results? Is there something in the root of the software design that didn't start out well as a platform for all who try to enjoy good sound? Please simplify, simplify, simplify. Thank you for enhancing the user friendliness because I love the sound and am disappointed with the sonos app features and stability.