problems with gen one play 1 connecting to an existing system.

  • 20 June 2019
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I have had multiple Sonos speakers in the house for years, always worked perfectly without any issues. I decided to add two play 1 speakers to a room we watch TV the most in. Wanting more of a surround sound system. I power up both speakers, lights turn green. The sonos ap on my ipad recognizes both speakers, giving me their serial numbers, but when I go to add them to the system it gives me an error. Saying that the speaker is not found? I have even plugged them into the router via ether net cable as suggested. I have attempted this process at least 10 times. Not working. Seems odd to me that they system sees the speakers, but then can’t connect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2 replies

Misfit, they (I bought two) both have green flashing LED lights. And after I pushed the two buttons, they both blinked orange. They did it repeatedly. I closed out the ap on my ipad. I checked for updates on my iPad. But I didn’t check for updates on those speakers? I wouldn’t know how to check for that if they aren’t connected to anything?
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Did the flashing green LED turn to a solid white? If so....
Completely close out of the application and reopen.
See if it's prompting for updates, to configure or register the speakers.