Problems with connecting to Spotify

I'm having connection problems with connecting my Spotify account to my Sonos system. It looks like it is connected to the Spotify account as i can view all my Spotify playlists etc. But when i add a playlist to the queue it will only play 18secs of the track. I have some other music that has been added from my computer and Sonos will play the track from start to finish. I've tried playing the radio and that will play, the problem seems to be with Spotify. I've tried disconnecting spotify and i've tried adding a different Spotify account to Sonos to rule out possible account issues and the problem still occurs. Diagnostic # 4332340.

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Hi Melissa,

We were previously tracking an issue with Spotify through Sonos related to Facebook log in details. This issue should have bee resolved. If you are still having issues playing Spotify through your Sonos system, please try rebooting your router and Sonos units. To do so, remove them from power, wait ten seconds or so, then plug them back in.

If that does not work, please send us a new diagnostic report and reply here with the confirmation number.


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