Problems building and updating library - Music Files Not available error during update

  • 10 April 2022
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System 2 x Play 1. Sonos app on PC. Media on QNAP NAS. PC & NAS hardwired to Router.

Trying to add Music files to library. Building from scratch. Adding folders serially. Once the total number of files becomes large the addition takes a very long time until it reaches the point were the system just spins indefinitely. Had about 30000 songs added and cannot add anymore.

Eventually system seems to time out with Music Files Not Available error. ‘Source’ is no longer available … yet I know the system is live. So frustrating. Tried. I know that this is a large library but in the past just used to get the library is too large error.  



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A copy of the library index is stored in each player. Since storage is finite, it is possible that you’ve run out of space. This could be due to the metadata size( Track names, Artist, Album Artist, etc.). The absolute track limit is 65,000 tracks. There can also be trouble with stray characters in the metadata.

If you submit a diagnostic and check with SONOS support, they can tell you if there is a problem with excess metadata. In the desktop controller you can go to Help → Error Log… . Sometimes there is a useful message here.

Music Files Not Available error. ‘Source’ is no longer available … suggests that something in the chain is going to sleep or there is a network issue of some sort..