Problems accessing iTunes library on desktop PC

  • 21 December 2016
  • 3 replies

We have just bought 2 sonos speakers and a connect unit. Everything is set up/installed etc but cannot seem to get sonos to pick up our iTunes library on our desktop PC. Sonos finds our music & iTunes folders but not the library so we have no music to play. Any help appreciated

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3 replies

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Have you followed this:-
For step 3 you may need to find in what folder your iTunes mp3s are actually stored in.
That's great, thank you. I think as you say, it's to do with what folder the music is actually in. Getting sorted now!
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Glad to be of any help.
You may find always having your desktop on and awake a pain.
I uploaded all my music to google play music 50,000 tracks for free, then stream from there, so sonos and router are only hardware needed.